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I have been playing with paint in my moleskine and much to my delight the lovely journal holds up to this medium well with a little care. I tried it first prepping the page with gesso. This works well but results in a bit of a thicker page. Then I tried it straight to the page and if your paint is too watery it soaks in and doesn’t allow for much movement of the paint. My best attempts were achieved with a mix of paint and Golden’s Fluid Acrylic Medium in Satin. It allows for movement of the paint, keeps it from soaking into the page too quickly and doesn’t add to the page thickness too much. Gluing collage items down with gel medium as a base will also allow for paint movement. Now I can play with all of my favorite art supplies in my moleskine.

For anyone interested, my online Journal Workshops are now ‘open’ for ongoing enrollment. There will be no starting/stopping dates so you can work at your own pace with unlimited access to class materials.

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  1. Hello Pam…thank you for your words… i ll try to translate the poem and i ll send you after.hugs and have a good weekend

  2. I’ve been thinking about the moleskins for awhile…maybe I’ll give them a try now..I wonder how spray fixative would go as a base…

  3. Hello Pam Carriker… I wrote a poem today and I was looking for a pciture to go along with it on my website. Among all the ones I’ve found I’d rather have yours on it. I hope this is not an inconvenience for you. If there’s anything wrong with it just let me know and I’ll remove it right away.thanksVinícius

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