Barb’s Angel

I tried to stay away from Facebook for a looong time, but finally one of my arty friends got me over there and I have been ever so thankful.

One of the reasons is because I have found some long lost friends that I haven’t seen for years and years. One of these friends is Barb. We were friends in my senior year of high school. We went to church camp together, took art class together, and were even in a parade together-lol!
Then after high school I moved and life went on. I am so glad we found each other again and so touched that she asked me to do a custom piece for her with an angel.
It was a joy to do, and I savored each moment, starting with a journal page awhile back. I love the quote I found as it is perfect for the love of art we shared so long ago, along with a love of angels that we still share today. This one’s for you Barb:-)

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  1. She’s gorgeous. What a lucky girl your friend is to get this beautiful work of art.This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I just have to say how warm and inviting it is! I’ll definitely be back.

  2. While facebook may be a time eater….it has been a great experience for me, too in connecting with some dear friends again.Love your new work Pam. Your pieces are always filled with such emotion!

  3. Beautiful piece, Pam. I’ve been avoiding facebook too – I already loose too much time to the computer. You make it sound tempting tho

  4. This piece is just so engaging-looking at the photo on your blog-it incorporates you. Awesome work!!!

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