I have been a busy gal getting ATC’s done to swap at the ConvenZioNE. I wanted to come up with some that reflect my work so I decided to little mini portraits. Oh my, is it time consuming. But they are coming together and this batch is completely done. I added the event, year and a message to all of the cards so people will remember where they got them later. I am also doing some ‘Caged Heart’ cards because that is what I’m teaching there. I still have a stack of 1/2 done cards that I will be attacking tomorrow, but for today I feel good to have gotten this big bunch finished. Anyone wanting to check out the Art Retreat can click on the button in my right hand column and it will take you right to all the info.

I’ve also been working on my kits for the mini workshop I will be doing. They are coming along, just waiting for some supplies that are in the mail. Hope to see some of you there:-)

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  1. Wow Pam, that is some work you have been doing cookie!They look great and I do hope you take lots of pictures for they ones who can’t go! ~tear~xx~Kathy

  2. You have been a busy bee! The people in that swap are so LUCKY!I’m looking forward to your visual journaling class over at Creative Workshops. I have my charcoal ready!!!I have a wonderful tour of Bloglandia that follows a magical map that I drew up in honor of my 1-year blogiversary. The tour includes several stops to all of my favorite people and places. I think you’ll recognize a few of them. {wink}When you swing by be sure to scroll to the end of the tour to learn about my new blog, True North Arts.Can you feel the buzz?xoxo k

  3. Wow…you’ve been busy! The ATCs look amazing! Wish I could make it to the show…maybe someday. Have a wonderful time!

  4. You sure have been busy, and I love the atcs…I’m sure you will have them all ready in time, and I would love to be among those attending…perhaps one day! I can wish. heheh!!! You have a great time, and I pray for your safe travel!!!Bevie

  5. OMG! That is a lot of work! I´m sure each person will be more than happy to get one of this amazing art works! How lucky they are!Happy easter beautiful! :)Ceers!Moni.

  6. Hope you have a blast, Pam! I hope to get there someday & finally meet so many wonderful members:DATCs look good!

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