Round Two of Visual Art Journalism 101

Wondering what to do these last few weeks before school lets out? My Visual Art Journaling 101 workshop begins round two Monday the 6th! The first workshop had over 100 attendees and we had so much fun. You can check out Creative Workshops and see the classes being offered for reasonable rates and I am now offering mine in an ‘open format’ so you can work at your own pace and have complete access to all of the class videos/materials with no time constraints. I also provide a 32 page booklet including colored pictures of all of the sample pages in progress that can be printed out and spiral bound for future reference. This is just one of the sample pages that you will follow through to completion.

Shade’s of Grey, Pitt Pens in Moleskine journals, has been coming along great and we are going to leave it open also so it’s not too late to join.

I want to thank all of you sweet readers for your prayers and kind words regarding my step mom. So many have been touched by this disease, but the continued advancements in treatment options give us encouragement.

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  1. Prayers continue for your family!Your class is fabulous!! And I am so glad you left it open as I got a little behind. But I just loved your videos…well done Pam.HugsSueAnn

  2. Hello PamI’ve joined the VJ workshop and you can’t know how excited I’m getting.As New Zealand is so many hours ahead of your side of the world, I will have to wait until I get home from work on Monday grr!My husband will be sitting on his own in the living room that night as I will be in heaven on my computer!You are such an inspiration but I am very nervous as I’m new to all this. I’ve never even owned any paints or colouring pencils since I was at school. I keep going to the cupboard and taking them out and looking at them and wonder what I will be doing first.Thank you Pam and take care you are in all our thoughts.Shane (Kiwigran)

  3. How exciting! I’m already playing hooky from Nancy’s class too much (life gets in the way lately).Perhaps somewhere down the line – your classes sound like such fun

  4. Hi Pam, just wanted to say I’m unable to open any of the videos but am trying to just read the online stuff. It’s my server!grrr I can just see the group getting ready for the Visual Art Journalism 101 class cuz I had an awesome time in the first one. I learned so much and continue to use all your teachings and tips too. My prayers will remain with your step-mum as this type of cancer has touched so many of us!!! xxBevie

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