Angels Everywhere

I took a break from the writing/taping/business side of art to work on this series of angels. Oh what a lovely day it was!
Sun shining, I headed to the backyard and painted outside.
The birds were singing and the temperature was perfect, I even painted my toenails and put on flip flops!
It is so inspiring to take your art outside.
The peaceful quiet, the warm sun, the music of nature, all combine in an inspiring calming of the senses.
No frantic rushing today,
just a joyous time spent doing what I love to do.
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Also, if you are interested in the ‘Shades of Grey’ Workshop, it begins next Monday!

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  1. Makes me long for days like you had out in the sun with the angels. Lovely work, Pam (and busy girl…how do you manage it all?

  2. These angels are gorgeous and the colors in the background definitely say ‘spring’……..Cheers,Gaye

  3. Pam I so enjoy coming to see what you’ve created and shared with us. These angels have brightened my day, again!!!xxBevie

  4. I think your happiness with your surroundings came through in this work. I’m finding more and more that I NEED to spend time outdoors with my work. A couple weeks ago I drove until I found a field driveway to park in and then used the trunk of my car a surface to set up my drawing supplies. I happily passed the time with charcoal on paper.I hope you will be offering your Shade of Gray again, because I just can’t commit right now.

  5. Hi sweetie, your work always has such a peacefulness to it ~ I love that….it was a beautiful here today too, Pam ~ sunshine really does make you smile! xxoo, Dawn

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