Taking it Easy

Today I am taking a breather! I have been frantically consumed with the business side of art, just getting one thing taken care of and another pops up. So I am limiting my computer time, taking a break from writing, and as the kids have only a 1/2 day at school, I am going to relax with them, do some journaling in front of the fire tonight, with my feet up! I hope you all take a little moment for yourself today, a rest from the fast pace of life.

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  1. Just “found” you — beautiful work:-) I need those days to recharge, too. We weren’t designed to multi-task!

  2. that’s one of the things I love about Europeans, they take time to rest and relax, spending time with friends and fam at the cafes, no hurrying, they take their time. Ahhhh, what a concept. They stroll arm in arm, sit and watch the river pass by, eat at leisure….It really leads to a more healthy and calm life.thanks for the reminder Pam :)blessings,starrydeborah

  3. When I saw your entry I think I took a deep breath for the first time today. So, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me take a minute for my sanity.I love the page…Renee

  4. Fabulous journal page – and by the time you read this hopefully you would have had a pleasant relaxing day with your kids xxx

  5. Sometimes you can be so busy that you feel like you're chasing your own tail, running around like mad & getting absolutely nothing done! You SO NEED to take a little break, and recharge your batteries. Cosy up with silly DVDs & pizza.

  6. Hi Pam I’m certainly with you on that one .Enjoy your time with your kids .You sound like you need a rest …..lolBest wishesLorraine xx

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