Farewell to February

What a busy month this has been. Usually February seems to drag on as I wait impatiently for spring, but this year I blinked and it was gone! My copy of Somersets Apprentice arrived and much to my delight my name is on the cover! The article for it was done ages ago, so it was very fun to revisit it and be part in the inaugural issue.
My workshops are going nicely, and if anyone is interested ‘Shades of Grey’ will start March 23rd, and Visual Journalism 101’s second session begins April 6th. After that it’s off to CA for ZNE’s ConvenZioNE! I will get home right before my son’s graduation and then summer will be here. Where did the year go?

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  1. Hi Colette,In the last week I do show one of the ways I do birds. As for faces, no I don’t have a workshop for that yet. I am waiting on a couple of projects before I can commit to anymore workshops. I do have an article coming out in the May issue of CPS that gives some instruction on my portraits with some step out pictures. I will post any future classes on my blog to keep everyone updated:-)

  2. Dear Pam can I ask if your first visual journalling class has any lessons showing videos of how you do your faces? Do you have a workshop for that – faces? birds etc?treeoflife@optusnet.com.au

  3. The Apprentice article was wonderful as was the Journaling….I wanted to tell you I have been using all the wondeful prepainted pages we made in your journaling class for all my new work…just loved the class and how it got me going!

  4. I went right out and bought Art Journal magazine and loved your article, now if I could only find Apprentice, I’d be all caught up!! Love your new journal pages, your ladies are so angelic!

  5. I just poured over Somerset Studio’s Journaling publication and LOVED your submission! Thank you for your inspiration!

  6. Pam, congrats on the publication…I can’t wait to see it! I know what you mean about the year already flying by…and so much to do.Happy Creating!Lynn (love your blog too!)

  7. Way back this summer, the VBS Director asked me if I would like to do the backdrops in February instead of June so that we could have them for the associational meeting. I thought SURE! February is one of my lesser-busy times. NOT! Not this year, anyway. Anyway, I completed the backdrops and did classes on them this morning. I can breathe again now!I am so jazzed about you getting to be on the cover. I LOVE Somerset! – Teresa

  8. Hi Pam I certainly know what you mean about blink and its gone .Looking forward to the shades of gray class , roll on 23rd March.Love your classes as much as your art .You must be so proud of your sons and to think another is now graduating ….. how time flies by.Enjoy your sunday.Love Lorraine xxx

  9. Pam, I have been wanting to take one of your classes, because I love your art! So, I just signed up for the Shades of Grey online class, and can’t wait to gather my supplies and get started! Your blog says it starts on March 9th, but the sign up page says, March 23rd…which is correct?I want to be prepared with all my supplies by the time it starts. I am off to find a Moleskine Sketchbook!Robertarcscreations@aol.com

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