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Well, I bought some Copic Markers in shades of warm grays. Love the pens, but have learned a few things. They bled through my moleskines heavy sketch paper terribly. While I was disappointed by that, I did try them in my watercolor journal and they were perfect! the big tips made short work of this page. If anyone has experience with these pens I would love to hear it!

While I did not receive Somerset Apprentice yet, I did get the latest Somerset Studio and Stampers’ Sampler, I was thrilled to see this add appeared in both! Right next to Sharon Thomlinson’s beautiful work and we all got a little name mention. Maybe my copy will arrive tomorrow….

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  1. Hopefully Apprentice was in today’s mail for you…you’ll love it (of course!). I’ll have to do a Google search on copic markers since I am unfamiliar…congrats again, and as always looking forward to future posts and beautiful creations from you…..xoxox.

  2. Ohhh I saw your ad when I was thumbing through Stamper’s Sampler last night at Michael’s, and was so proud of you 🙂 Well, too bad about the moleskine but the page still turned out lovely! I find it hard to draw and shade with markers but you’ve got a true knack for it!

  3. Pam you will love the Copics. Maryanne is the Pro for copic here is a link to her blog full of info and inspiration

  4. P.S ,me again, i put in a pre-order for my Somerset Apprentice last night ..can’t wait for it to arrive .Love Lorraine x

  5. Hi Pam Love this lady , i am very into … the gray shades , they look really dramatic.Shame about the copic markers bleeding though hope it hasn’t ruined your moleskine too much .I have never used them myself !So can’t really comment but i would be interested to learn about them .Bye for nowLove Lorraine x

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