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  1. What a beautiful studio Pam! You are so organized. I think I need to take inspiration from you and do a studio redo. It is also nice to have a voice and face to go along with our internet chats!

  2. Hi Pam,I would love to come and play at your house except I live Aus but you have inspired me to declutter and get my craft room into some sort of order. My hubby is very tidy and me…..I just have to decide to do something and there is instantly a mess. I have a beautiful big room and today I have commenced my mission….to be as tidy and organised as you. Thank you Pam!!! Bernie Abbott

  3. Hi Pam… what a fantastic tour! Thank you for sharing your space, I always love seeing where other artists create…some great ideas for storage and display are always found. Also congratulations on your piece in Somerset Apprentice…I rec’d my copy in today’s mail. I can’t wait to start going through everyone’s projects and starting some of my own.

  4. Hi Pam, I knew your studio would be organized as well as having lots of goodies. You could probably put all that my *stuff* in one corner of that room..hehehe!!! Thanks a bunch for giving us that tour!!(((hugs)))Bevie

  5. Nice tour! Seeing how others live, work, play is fascinating. And, in addition, I always pick up a few tips to use for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pam thanks for sharing your studio, where you create all you wonderful art. It has inspired me to get more organized. I have purchased one of those drawer units, now to get stuff into them. 🙂 Hugs!!

  7. I love seeing where others create and the creative storage solutions you have for all your supplies are so cool. You have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to get all those bins! Thanks for sharing your studio with us!It was cool to see one of my prints hanging up in your studio!!!!

  8. Thanks so much for doing this video, Pam. It was great to see where one of my favorite artists creates!I’ve turned my dining room into my art area. I don’t cook so I don’t have people over for meals, and finally realized it was a great place to do my art. Bye bye dining room!

  9. Wow, I love how organized you are in your studio. I keep saying that I'm going to get more organized but it never seems to really happen…but, in my defense, I do know where most everything is at any given time. lolI love seeing where you work and create all of your gorgeous pieces. Thanks so much for the great tour!Peace & Love,~Barb~

  10. Hi PamThanks so much for the tour .Oh how i would love to come and visit .I love how organised everything is , i’m like that i can’t create in a mess i think i am a little to obsessive about tidiness ….lolor so i am told !!!I love the idea of storing everything by colour code , now that’s something i’m gonna have to look into.Have fun creating over the weekendLove Lorraine xx

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