Even though the meaning behind this piece is deeper than this, it so goes with how today makes me feel. I have been busy at the computer for most of the day, while the sun shines in from the window, warming me up and filling my studio with bright light. Memories of summer danced around while I was finishing this earlier today. It is a whopping 70 degrees today! We have such crazy weather, tonight they are calling for thunderstorms and a drop in the temperature. You just never know. I’m itching for spring, and summer,and sun.

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  1. Good morning Pam, I didn’t get to this yesterday, but find it a wonderful painting to greet me today!!! She’s so beautiful just like you my dear, and she speaks to my heart!!!

  2. Hi PamYour art is a s beautiful as ever . Your lady looks deep in thought , is it good or bad momories …. i wonder ??? The colours remind me of spring too, roll on summer .What strange weather you have !!!!Love Lorraine x

  3. AWWWW Darling Pam what a wishful looking expression..Sun is on the way….Shall we then have flowers and smiles and gay dancing gals to admire maybe??? smiles Michelle My heart to those affected by the bushfires its really shocking. My husband is from the area and we are waiting news on his friends His sister is safe though in a dangerous area at the moment….Flight that word often seen in your art…I think its time for those to take flight and live to tell the tale unlike so many others. Funny how that simple word Flight actually has so many meanings…Flight from the nest and then Flight from harm.

  4. Pam, we had the same weather in Milwaukee today and I had the window open, windy breeze coming through…it just smelled like Spring. I see Spring in this picture…the light, her very small smile… it’s lovely.

  5. Pam, this is so beautiful, I love her!We are struggling downunder with temperatures in the 40’s lately – thats 104 farenheight! Also, our bushfires are so devastating!! I posted some recent pics on my blog.You can imagine it’s hard to get creative when it’s this hot and sticky.Thanks for sharing your lovely artworks. xo

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