All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well, I’ve just posted the last week’s lesson for my workshop. What a fun journey and what completely amazing students! I have so enjoyed seeing their pages progress and what was once scary to some is now fun and exciting. You can see their pages here for yourself. I am already working on my next workshop where I will share the fun of Pitt Pens and water soluble crayon in lovely Moleskine journals. You can find out more about this workshop here. Gill has provided a link to her journal site offering class supplies with a discount for workshop attendies.—workshop-supplies-39-c.asp
Thank you for making this workshop so enjoyable!

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  1. Thank you for such an inspiring class. You shared a great many tips and ideas. Your videos were very informative, but sometimes difficult to hear. I appreciate the time and effort that you invested in the class.

  2. Hi Pam,Thank you for the wonderful workshop! Due to some personal circumstances, I haven’t been able to try any of the techniques yet, but I have finished watching all the videos, and I saved off the pdf files. When my life settles down a bit, I look forward to trying this all for myself. You did a wonderful job on the workshop, and I learned a lot from you. You have a very easy teaching style and were a pleasure to watch.xoLori

  3. Hi Pam, I have not done much in the way of my journal, except to put the 1st bg color on to the page,sometimes life takes over.. BUT I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED by your class and think the way you explain what you are doing and the visual eye candy that you have demonstrated has got me excited.I will get more done to my journal, it is so exciting and I am hoping to achieve so much Thanks to yor expertise. I have printed of the PDFs and this is a brilliant idea and now I see that there is going to be the opportunity to access the videos 24/7 something I am so pleased aboutWhoever takes this class in the future will get so much out of itThanks again x

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful class. You shared so many tips and ideas. Your videos were very informative. I am finally on my way to becoming art journal obsessed. See you in the new class. Susan Venditti

  5. Hi PamThank you for the incredible journey you have taken me on through this class. I now have the courage to see my blank page but not be intimidated by them at all and I am now journalling each day. You are a wonderful teacher and I cannot wait for Shades of Grey to commence. Thanks again. Bernie Abbott

  6. Pam – Your Journaling Workshop has opened up a new way of thinking. I greatly appreciated you sharing all of your techniques and then following up with videos that truly guide you through the process. Its one thing to read but when you can actually visually see how is done is priceless. Since I am a visual learner these videos are very important to me. Thank you and I look forward to taking your next class. The Best to you,Sue B.

  7. I wish this class didn’t have to end either. I had so much fun, took notes and followed your instructions. I was so intimidated by the thought of art journals, but with your instruction, I have several pages done. I wish it could go on longer than only 5 weeks. I had so much fun, without any pressure. Looking forward to your next class 😀

  8. Thanks Pam for a wonderful workshop. I learned so much from your techniques in journaling. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I look forward to your “Shades of Grey” class and to someday take a hands on class with you.See you next time.Hugs,Renee

  9. Just stopped by to wish you a lovely day and to invite you to enter my blogversary giveaway. Just stop by my blog and leave a comment to enter. Thanks!Smiles,Teresa

  10. I have learned so much from this, my first online class, but now it’s my turn to put this information you’ve shared to practice! There is an artist inside all of us waiting to be discovered (of course some are more naturally talented), but let’s face it – you have to make art to share art! Thank you so much, Pam, for sharing your art and talents with the world. PS – it would be wonderful if say a DVD would be available of the videos you’ve posted. That way we could refer back to them as we will our notes. I find the video even more valuable that the notes (I’m such a visual person!) -Roberta

  11. Hi Pam I add my thanks to all the others here for a well presented workshop. Wonderful and informative and fabulous value for our dollar investment. I just need to finish my pages as soon as I can and add my pictures to all those lovely pics Ive been seeing. hugs Michelle

  12. Hi Pam, I havn’t checked the last class yet but I wanted to thank you personally for all you have taught us during this workshop. Not just art, but how to get over the fear of that blank page and just do it. Also all your organizing tips for the studio :)You are a wonderful teacher, thank you soooooooo much.HugsLynn

  13. Hi Pam, I have so enjoyed the class, I really hate for it to end! I haven’t viewed the final video yet, but the written part looks great.

  14. Hi Pam…I’ve been enjoying taking this class at my own pace. You did a great job on the videos and instructions. Very easy to follow and I felt comfortable trying some new things. Thanks so much, Nan

  15. Oh dear…already at the end?? Sigh!But I am okay with it, since I have signed up for your new class..LOL!!You did a wonderful job with this class Pam. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks so much!! “And pull my name out of the hat for a free class…okay?? LOLHugsSueAnn

  16. Pam, It was great class . I learned so much . thank you . I hope to take your next one but will have to wait to the last minute as we are in the process of moving and i dont know where i will be in that process at that time. but i did love this class so much . thanks robin

  17. Hi Pam…class has been wonderful. stretching me in a way that was new to me. I am also looking forward to your shades of grey class!!! Thank you!!!!!!Laurie

  18. Hi Pam,Hello from Lilli way down the globe in New Zealand!This was my first online workshop and it was wonderful! What a great way to learn. The step by step approach was so effective, and it was fun to see the pages change. Also, how inspirational to view the pages of other students on the Flickr group. That was so exciting! Looking forward to more online workshops,Lilli

  19. Pam, the class was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Visual journaling is such a relaxing tool to use in your life. I especially enjoyed the segment on the shading with the charcoal pencils and will start using this more in my journals. Your shades of grey workshop shounds fun too and I hope to be able to do that one as well.

  20. Hi Pam! I’ve enjoyed this class SO much and initially was saddened to see it come to an end so quickly (at least to me it went too fast)…however, I was SO excited to see you offering another one, and more than excited to see it on shades of grey! I’ve loved reading all about your Pitt pens on your blog! Art journaling isn’t quite as scary to me now that I know how to start. Thank you for a wonderful class!

  21. Hello Pam!Oh, what an adventure you have taken us all on! When I saw the posting for Week 5 today, I thought, OH NO! I don’t want this to end!!! You are a great teacher and a gentle coach. This is my first experience with an on-line course, and I think you may have spoiled me for any others I may take! Thanks for expanding my journalling vocabulary. I am looking forwaard to following your adventures in creativity on your blog. In the meantime, I’ll have to work on my funding so that I can take your next workshop!!!! Thanks for the journey, Annie

  22. Pam~I want to thank you for this wonderful class, as you know I have been wanting to learn to journal, do something a bit different…and I was scared!!! And I am in love with journaling, thanks to you and this class. I will be in the next one as well, and I do thank you for teaching us the wonderful techniques you have shared. And as always, I thank you for your friendship, which means oh so much to me. Big hugs and much love…Kathy

  23. Pam, this has been wonderful! what an exciting experience to “see” how you work! Thanks for sharing some of your secrets! I loved every minute!

  24. Hi Pam, this has been a very exciting workshop for me, and I go away having learned so much during this time. I love your easy going way of teaching, and am looking forward to taking another and another!!! heheheh…being able to take your journal adventure into the Shades of Grey for free would be a real blessing. Thanks again for all you’ve shared with us…teaching and friendship…couldn’t ask for more!!!Bevie

  25. I loved the class very much and finally posted some photos on flickr, I am really greatefull for what I´ve leanred with you, I want the new workshop too, I will have to check first if I can find some of the supplies here in Mexico city though, but thanks for the link to buy them if I can´t! 🙂

  26. Thanks for a wonderful class Pam. You are an excellent teacher and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for pulling this together.

  27. Pam,I have had such a great time in your class. I could never have imagined how fun and interactive an online class could be. You are an inspiration to me and I follow your blog religiously. Please continue to share your amazing gifts through teaching, as you are a natural! I look forward to joining the Shades of Grey class, and have already gathered my supplies! All Best,Karla Frahler

  28. Hi Pam, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class. I learned so much from you. I know I will continue to play in my journal because of your inspiration. I’m sorry to see the class ending. Hopefully I will be taking more from you in the future. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful techniques with us.

  29. Hi Pam,Like all the ladies above me, I have also thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I am still working on several of my pages and can’t wait now to add some of the final touches. Seeing everyone’s work on flickr has been brilliant too. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  30. This was my first online workshop and it was fantastic Pam…I am already registered for the Pitt Pen class and can’t wait until March. Thank you for sharing all of your secrets during the last several weeks…it’s been a wonderful journey.

  31. I think the foundational information is great as a jumping off point for my own interpretations. Also the video is a very nice bonus, but please don’t forgo the written instructions. I don’t have a clue whether or not these videos will be accessible, say a year from now, so the written notes are still very important for jogging the memory if the videos leek into lalaland. Thanks. Donna

  32. Pam, This has been an incredible journey for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the online class. I have learned so much and wish our next class started next week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your offering to share your talents and knowledge with us…bravo!!!!Sincerely,Jane Bradley

  33. Hi Pam I have just sat down for the evening and checked out your blog ….then over to the workshop .Haven’t watched the video yet but read the notes .I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop , and i am sad it has come to an end .You are a genius and have so inspired me to start keeping a journal. I love the way you teach nothing is too much trouble .I thank-you so much for this class .And i look forward to shades of grey in march .CheersLorraine x

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