A Cat’s Life

Oh for a cat’s life, all snuggled up sleeping in the sunlight. My little kitty journal page was inspired by Monica Zuniga’s sweet little kitty paintings. I decided to try a ‘Pam’ looking kitty, using the same facial features as my ladies, the long nose and long, slender neck. I used my water soluble crayons, I am so loving those! I think I might go and take a break from the computer and get a little cat nap in myself:-)

BTW, be sure to stop by Monica’s blog for her giveaway! She is giving one of her beautiful paintings to some lucky (hopefully me:-) winner on the 28th.

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  1. The cat is fun, mine are sleeping on my couch, I thinks I will take a cat nap with them!! I hope to take one of your on-line classes, especially art journaling. I follow all the publications on your blog! Can never get enough!

  2. Your cat turned out great. May I ask what camcorder you have for making your video? It does a wonderful job. (not just the camera…you do a great job!lol)

  3. Hi Pam, thanks for the honesty! :)I appreciate it! Even though you are an amazing artist you do talk about your sources of inspiraion and that is just wondeful!I love your Kitty, the face is so beautiful, I love your journals, they always bring me inspiration!Have a wonderful day!Moni.

  4. OMG! Pam this is awesome Im stunned at the likeness to your wonderful ladies. Your so full of surprises. Ok now do a Pam face horse lol I love horses. Now this is just too stinking good hahahhah! smiles Michelle

  5. Hi Pam,Love your cat , he looks very contented .The colours are great is this the colouring of your cat ?The words you wrote are so true , i wouldn’t change my life for one minute , even though i sometimes dream……Love Lorraine x

  6. Oh Pam.. your kitty definitely fits in with your ladies! He looks fantastic…I can almost hear him purring all the way in Wisconsin 🙂

  7. Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog. I really enjoyed the cat picture but I enjoyed even more the message of the piece. Thank you for your wise words. This is a lesson I seem to need to hear often because it comes to me from so many unexpected sources. Your art being one of them. Thanks again

  8. I love this cat…just look at that gorgeous face!!! I have 2 very pampered, even the black one that’s 25 yrs old just won’t leave us even tho it’s time…the vet says they just love us so much… Everything you do is GOLD!!! ((hugs)) Bevie

  9. Love your cat, Pam. Monica’s work is great and I actually have one of her prints in my 1/2 bath that is decorated in all cats.

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