Day 31, I did it!!!

Wow, I can’t believe a whole month and a journal page to show for everyday of it! This last page is a bit of a departure for me, I borrowed inspiration from Misty to do a self portrait with words. I also journaled extensively and then covered over it with paint. Using water soluble crayon with liquid matte medium(loved it) to paint the face. This is more of a page for me, but it is my last page of the challenge, so I am sharing it with you. Thank you for all of the encouraging words, they kept me motivated for sure:-)

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  1. Hi PamThis is such a great page .I have really enjoyed visiting every day to see what wonders you have created , they are all beautiful and i thank-you so much for sharing , your outstanding and inspiring art .Love Lorraine x

  2. I love your journals, so inspiring, I´ve learned a lot just by watching your process, congrats on finishing every page of the month, you really are diciplined and very talented! :)Thanks so much!Moni.

  3. Hi Pam, just caught up on your last week of pgs – good for you sticking with it right to the end! I was only consistent with the week of color. Love the flow & freedom in your journals, I'm not really good at writing all over my pages (altho I do write underneath the paint sometimes) plus I have a hard time just 'playing'. You've inspired me to try again with February – thank you :>

  4. How brilliant a month it was too. Totally inspiring and I can tell you from me that i loved every single page. I could not pick a favorite. Sooo whats next??? Pit Pens???lol Your an exciting artist and I know that you will have some wonderful work for us just around the corner. Speaking for me and Im sure alot of other gals we just love ya too Artistic Bits. hugs Michelle

  5. Congratulations Pam… look what you now have to show for this entire month of January… a glorious journal with amazing pieces. I am so proud of you!

  6. Congratulations! i would feel just as proud! i really admire you… to be able to set time every day to work on your art journal. It looks great!

  7. Pam, EVERY DAY of your journals have been stunning… you are so talented and I just adore your style. Where could I find out more on the ways to use the CARAN D’ACHE pastels in my journals???Thanks,Jane

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