Day 29, STRESS

It was just one of ‘those’ days. I got up, day 3 of no school due to snow, and between drying snow clothes, cooking, dishes, laundry, eye doctor appointment, and life, I just did not get done what I wanted to. I just put my little guy to bed, he is pooped from snowboarding, and hubby is making me a cup of tea, and I am going to go and lock myself into my studio for a couple of hours. These pages were done in my moleskine with pitt pens. They are nothing like what I envisioned this morning. But that is the beauty of letting the page dictate where it will go. I feel so much better and clear headed getting it all out. Now I can go and be productive. I hope your day was productive:-)

Nancy Lefko, who is featured in the post below, has gifted me with this blog award. I am to list 5 things I am into right now, so here goes…
1.) Art journals-go figure:-)
2.) Sharing a love for art through workshops and writing
3.) Spring cleaning (I know, I’m early)
4.) Playing with mediums, experimenting
5.) My family, even though they drove me a little nuts earlier today:-)

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  1. Well, the first thing I thought upon seeing the page–how wonderful and full of energy! I love the scrolls and the stripes that make a border around the words. —Jane

  2. Hi PamI know just how you’re feeling , got everything planned out and then , something goes and messes it up …lol.I love you pages and i hope you managed to get some creating in …Love Lorraine x

  3. Ah, family…we'd be lost without 'em and still feel like choking them at times, huh? lolEnjoy your tea and studio time…it always soothes me.Oh, and I love your page…it's different for you, Pam, but still beautiful.Peace & Love,♥ Barb ♥

  4. I know the frustration of being deterred from art goals. I hope you can make up for that time.My post today started with a sketch based on your grey scrolling designs. I love playing with that motif.

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