Day 26, Feelings

The page pretty much says it all. I used my big girl crayons (Caran d’ache) for this. I tried using Golden’s liquid glazing medium with the crayon instead of water. This worked like a charm, enabling me to blend the colors, giving me ample work time, and they are fixed to the page, so no need for a spray fixative. I just ordered the BIG set of crayons and can’t wait for them to get here! Very fun toys for journaling.

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  1. Pam I love the was this turned out using the crayons and the gel medium…I’ve played around with that too, and found it leaves a soft creamy texture much better than water. I think I’m gonna challeng myself started in Feb. to do one a day. Yea…

  2. wonderful effect Pam, beautiful page…. you will LOVE the bigger set of crayons, there is a lovely flesh one in it :)) xx

  3. I love this Pam. It is gentle and just soft, ethereal. Now you are an enabler. I have to see if I have that BIG set from Dick Blick.

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