Day 19~Fabric

For day 19 of the January Journal Crusade, Misty challenged us with using fabric and additional elements in our journals. I thought this would be the perfect time to do a cover. Now, originally I started this month with a small handmade journal, I moved to a new 9×7 watercolor fieldbook to do the color portion. I am going to combine the two to make one journal for this month.

To begin the cover, I applied a coat of gesso. Next I printed out some of my pages in a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 size onto a piece of fabric. To prepare the fabric so it would feed through the printer I ironed a piece of muslin onto the waxy side of a piece of freezer paper and trimmed it to 8 1/2 x 11. Not wanting it to run, I sprayed with a workable fixative and let dry. I then cut out each of the images and using Golden’s Matte Gel Medium, I glued them onto the cover, being sure to apply a coat of medium over the whole cover.

Taking some white, buff, and burnt umber paint, I filled in the uncovered areas and blended in some of the edges of the images.

After this dried, I added some text, both written, rub ons, and cut out. I chose words that have meaning for me as I start this new year.
To tie the whole thing together a bitmore, I applied a wash of Nickel Azo Gold to the whole cover and wiped off some of it.
I Then I wired some vintage glass buttons that I’ve been hording. I am really trying to get over the ‘saving it for something special and never using it’ thing. Next I am going to sew some of my smaller pages right into this journal and combine everything together. Lucky for us there are no ‘rules’ in journaling:-)

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  1. I love this! What a wonderful, customized cover! Can’t wait to “see” what’s under your picture…what new journey are you embarking on this year? Hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

  2. This is a beautiful cover! Very interesting that you sprayed with workable fixative – I would never have thought to do that. I’ve used special fabric sheets for printing, and I’ve also treated with jet set 2000, to make the ink permanent, but spraying with workable fixative sounds way easier.

  3. Fabulous idea!!! And I love the glass buttons. You are so right. I tend to horde too and then save things for that perfect art moment. Good for you!! Love the cover!HugsSueAnn

  4. Wow woman, where do you get all your ideas from?? LOL Love how you tied everything together for your cover and the use of the paint to blend all the pieces. Just lovely!

  5. wonderful!I’ve been thinking about doing my cover tonight since I thought my embellishments would work better there.I don’t have a good inkjet printer, so I won’t be printing fabric, but I have other tricks up my sleeve. LOLLove visiting your blog.

  6. Hi Pam,That is just the coolest thing EVER! I love the idea of printing on fabric but I’ve never done it. Thank you for the info!–Jane

  7. Oh Pam this is just wonderful!!!Sometimes I can make myself nuts thinking about ALL the things I want to learn to do, then I remind myself I don’t have to do it all or know it all right now, just relax and enjoy the process of learning and doing.I love your style and how you meld everything together. Just lovely!!

  8. Hi Pam I am so loving this page . Your art work is always so beautiful , but i must say this page is quite different and i love it .Love Lorraine x

  9. Beautiful! It’s great to see several images at once. The Nickel Azo Gold layer brought it all together. It is going to be challenging for me to use fabric… but I’ll try.

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