January Journal Day 13, Orange

Busy day, busy with my online class, there are a lot of talented ladies there, and busy painting and moving furniture around. For some reason ‘Spring Cleaning’ always hits me in January. I guess it’s the New Year and I want to start fresh. So I have been busy nesting along with all of my other projects. Freshening up the guest bath, painting two bedrooms, purging things no longer needed, and new bed linens. I have a ‘thing’ for sheets with a high thread count:-)
Our color today was….Orange. At first I couldn’t even think of anything to do. But I got past the color block and painted a little face onto an orange background, then I started adding some things that were the same shades and as usual I ended up finding the perfect words to capture the visual images.

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  1. Love orange! Beautiful drawing! High thread count sheets are my thing too. Same with towels. The fluffier and bigger the better. LOLLove this piece!HugsSueAnn

  2. Pam I am so enjoying your Journal it is so inspiring! I agree with you I love sheets with at least an 800 thread count but prefer 1000Nothing softer to climb into:) Can’t wait to see your next journal page.XXXBecky

  3. This orange piece is awesome! I have subscribed to your site and I get an update every time you post. It is a treat to see what’s next. Thank you Pam for your inspiration.!! Congrats on your ‘Spring Cleaning’ too. –Jane

  4. I seem to do my Spring Cleaning in January, too…I've been a nesting fool since the New Year. Cleaning, washing, painting, weeding out the unneeded stuff.Oh, and orange is my favorite color these days (it changes pretty often) so this piece is so very appealing to me. Terrific piece!Peace & Love,~Barb~

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