Day’s 10 & 11, Online Workshop Begins!

I received some wonderful news over the weekend, my DS is going to be based only 6 hours away from home! So he and his lovely new wife will be able to come for visits and we can go to see them. This news brought a flurry of activity to our house. We decided that we needed to convert our upstairs office into a guest bedroom for them, and we gave up the formal dining room making it our home office. I feel like we’ve been moving all weekend-lol! But I did manage to get my two journal pages done, nothing like sticking to a New Years resolution. These are days 10 and 11. This week we will be doing colors, which I am working on how to incorporate that theme into my ‘Shades of Grey’ journal. I have some ideas.

The other really exciting news is that my online workshop, ‘Visual Journalism 101’ is up and running! We have a large class of wonderful art journalers in the making. If you are interested in joining us, it is not too late. Registration is still open and Creative Workshops provides an atmosphere of working at your own pace, so you can join at any time during the workshop. This is a fun way to beat the winter blues.

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  1. OK…I think I can…I did! I just signed up for your online workshop. your work is just beautiful…and I keep coming back to look and look….and where has the time gone?Thank you!

  2. Pam I am so happy your son is close by, there’s nothing like family to make you feel connected. Fabulous journal pages! I love seeing what you come up with daily.

  3. Oh Pam the agony Pleeease stop torturing me with those pitt pen sketches, This had all be heading up to a online class in Pitt pens or or or I will just cry…and Ive been getting messages of other girls after my Pitt-a-full heart too. lol Fabulous news on your son I love that you have the birdies not so far away from the nest its a really good thing these days. My girl is 5000klms away from me and I havent seen her in 5 years sob! living in the way of life sort of thing. oh and beautiful stupendously gorgeous art work your style fascinates me.

  4. Hi Pam What wonderful news for you , how great it is that your son and new wife will be so close …..The workshop is fantastic , best thing i ever did was sign up.Thank-you Pam.Love Lorraine P.S The two journal pages are beautiful , i just love the way you create and the colours are so soft yummy…

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