Day 9, Shades of Grey, Collage Portrait

Day 9, Yeah! I’m caught up-woo-hoo! Today we are supposed to do a collaged self portrait. I used images of things that have meaning to me as a mother, a house, a nest, an egg, wings, a clock halo as time is always a precious commodity, and her dress is actually a cathedral window so you can see into her soul. Her little face is cut out from a print of my work. I’ve assembled her into an angel and the journaling radiates from her halo. I am not an angel, but I feel their presence as I tackle life and all that it brings. I’m already loving this little journal. It is a small but thoughtfilled representation of my life right now.

Also a little plug, my Visual Journalism 101 Workshop will be starting Monday so if you are interested in getting started on your own Art Journal you can sign up through the button on the right.

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  1. came over from Silver Spring studio post….wow. WOW! Love your shades of gray works…all of them that are up on the desk top. I’m a great lover of words in art and stand in awe of someone who does them as well as you. Will come back to study just exactly how you do it. Wonderful work!

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