Day 8, Shades of Grey, Blind Contour Line Drawing

Blind Contour Line Drawing, well, that was a new one! A lot of lessons to be learned from this exercise and not all of them have to do with drawing. I drew my portrait, and then painted it with acrylics, and had to completely restrain myself from ‘fixing’ it. When I was done I added a little diagram of how a face should be proportioned for a little added emphasis.

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  1. Oh I am so signed up for the class. Can’t wait for it to start.This piece is wonderful. When I taught drawing..and contour piece drawings where like having a party. Hope you had fun.HugsSueAnn

  2. You know I giggled and giggled a little more. what a funny face. “funny face I love you” … You really are a fabulous teacher and I just know our Journal class will be simply the best. If any ladies are just thinking about joining think no more and jump in. A great teacher is someone that teaches and shares from the heart. Thats Pam!

  3. Very clever to super-impose the “ideal” over the top of what you drew. I may have to give the technique a try, but no guarantee that I’ll go public with it. I’m still struggling to get everything lined up when I look at what I’m drawing.

  4. Great sentiments Pam! What is intriguing, is the similarity to the lady on the left of your banner. The shape and angle of the head is the same, just the angle of the eyes is different…

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