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Ok, this was a hard assignment. I have been playing around with faces for awhile now. I feel like each of them has something of ‘me’ in it. This week, in our January Journaling Crusade, Misty asked us to create a self portrait. I thought, Ok, I can do this. And the actual painting of it I did in a couple of hours after the kidddo went to bed. Then when I came in to scan it and actually post it the nerves hit. Other people were going to see me. Not the photograph me, but the me from the inside out. That’s what this feels like.
I took a picture of me today. I left my glasses down, because, well that’s where they end up a lot. I am 44 and finally got bifocals this past year. Why I waited so long I will never know. This is me in Shades of Grey. Which isn’t too far from the truth as my dishwater blonde hair is surely changing that way.
Scary though this ended up being, I am trying to approach this whole journal challenge with an open mind, trying new things, working on my sketching which is one of my 2009 goals.
This will be the back cover for my journal. I still want to write on it, but I am too tired tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
PS I just added the picture I was working from. Ok, in the light of day not too close, but I find it amusing that my portrait looks more tired than the picture. I was staying up past my bedtime to work on it-lol!

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  1. Pam I'm with everyone else – this is wonderful, I love your eyes!! I wear glasses too when I'm working and most of the time they slip down and I'm looking up & over them! And I finally got a done self-portrait too (w/ glasses) I'm posting it today…maybe…hmmm procrastinate some more :>all I can say is it definitely was a challenge and kudos to Misty for pushing our creativity in this direction!

  2. i love the emotion in this one … the way you captured part of yourself …i enjoyed my peek ..and get inspired once again to try the shades of grey …but hey next week is colour :-)♥ milliande

  3. I love the character of your portrait, and the depth of your features–you’ve done a great job at capturing the essence of your features! You definitely inspire me to do one of myself as well. Heck, lets’ all do one!

  4. Your blog is wonderful! I love to look at your Art…painting ….and this self portrait…I know… I am exposing more of my self too now….we are both featured at Misty’s today!

  5. Ive just gone from 2 eyes to 4 eyes too lol and feel a whole lot better about it now after seeing this portrait. Ive said before how I can see you in your beautiful ladies and this really shows it even though this is a deliberate and very very good one all your other art works show you too. I love your courage with your art you are a Warrior Art Woman not afraid to have ago and show us the results…and we all love it and its always so wonderful. 4 more sleeps till class opens Yah! hugs Michelle

  6. Gorgeous and completely mesmerizing! Why would you even hesitate to post something so lovely? The comments from those who know you as an artist and as an individual just verified the inner and outer beauty shown in the picture.Hugs and peace,Nancy

  7. Hi Pam,I visit your blog almost on a daily basis and I just love this self portrait. Its a great art piece and one you should be proud of. Kudos to you. I am 46 and I too have started to use readers, so I know the feeling. I also have started to do the shades of grey art. I love them, while shopping at my local art store, I noticed about 2 other people picking out different shades of grey markers. Probably doing the same thing. What a wonderful type of art it is. I am addicted. I will be posting some art with grey shades soon if you want to check them out. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with all of us.

  8. This self portrait is beautiful. The color in the eyes is a nice touch to the piece. And I agree! You are beautiful. HugsSueAnn

  9. Beautiful portrait, Pam!It’s amazing how much can be gleaned by looking in a person’s eyes. Your piece is so deep and inspiring…beautiful job!

  10. I agree with Mary,Beautiful inside and out!I would never be able to do this, of course I can’t draw…so I don’t need to worry!~xx~Kathy

  11. I felt exactly the same as you when i posted mine… i kept thinking.. is this how i see myself.. omg couldn’t i do better ? LOL i think i don’t do well rushing with painting.. but i love you portrait, it has a softness that is just beautiful and loving. It’s a painting you can be proud of showing! :oD

  12. Hi PamYour portrait is beautiful.I love to look at your work , it’s very inspiring , just wish i had your talent . Your potrait is stunning and you should feel really proud.Love Lorraine x

  13. Pam, don't you dare be in the least bit apprehensive about sharing your ever gorgeous work. This is a lovely rendering and yes, we do end up needing those bifocals (got mine last year, too) so I'm glad you included them. Another terrific work of art.Peace & Love,~Barb~

  14. It’s a lovely portrait, Pam! I’m 46 and need to get bifocals too. I’m doing the thing I used to make fun of other people for – holding things farther away or taking off my glasses to read. As far as the gray…let’s just say that Loreal is my friend!

  15. OMGosh!!! I LOVE this painting!! It is really beautiful! I really enjoy seeing your work…I think this is one of my faves.Debi

  16. I love your eyes on this. I'm struggling with getting too real with my portrait, too. I attempted a self-portrait photo today to work from & was stunned at the amount of sags & bags that showed up. In all fairness to myself, the lighting was harsh & I'm coming off illness & some pretty harsh meds. I think I'm going to continue to idealize myself a bit. LOL

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