Self Portrait, Day 7 January Journaling, Shades of Grey

Ok, this was a hard assignment. I have been playing around with faces for awhile now. I feel like each of them has something of ‘me’ in it. This week, in our January Journaling Crusade, Misty asked us to create a self portrait. I thought, Ok, I can do this. And the actual painting of it I did in a couple of hours after the kidddo went to bed. Then when I came in to scan it and actually post it the nerves hit. Other people were going to see me. Not the photograph me, but the me from the inside out. That’s what this feels like.
I took a picture of me today. I left my glasses down, because, well that’s where they end up a lot. I am 44 and finally got bifocals this past year. Why I waited so long I will never know. This is me in Shades of Grey. Which isn’t too far from the truth as my dishwater blonde hair is surely changing that way.
Scary though this ended up being, I am trying to approach this whole journal challenge with an open mind, trying new things, working on my sketching which is one of my 2009 goals.
This will be the back cover for my journal. I still want to write on it, but I am too tired tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
PS I just added the picture I was working from. Ok, in the light of day not too close, but I find it amusing that my portrait looks more tired than the picture. I was staying up past my bedtime to work on it-lol!

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