January Journaling Day 7~Shades of Grey

This was inspired by a picture I saw of one of those lovely stone angels. I don’t usually draw the eyes closed, but this depicts those moments when I just close my eyes for a minute and gather the strength that I need to do the task at hand. My eyes may be closed, but my minds eye is WIDE open. I have started to work on the cover which, of course will be painted in shades of grey.

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  1. I am just loving your shades of gray journal entries…and look forward to beginning class with you next week…also I have a small favor…I’m taking a inspiration journaling class with Paulette Insall and need to find pictures that inspire me…I would like permission to copy and print out one of your beautiful ladies to include in my journal (it would be a small photo). It is for my personal use although I would like to post pictures of my journal in our class gallery and also on my blog…I fully intend to credit you in writing in my journal, and also link my posts to your site.Thank you!Anita Van Halstampn@westriv.com

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