January Journaling Day 6, Shades of Grey

“If I could be Queen for a day…’ What would you do? I realized that I might already be a Queen. My palace may not be palatial, and my loyal subjects are few, but in a small way I am the Queen here.
I started this page a few days ago by simply stamping the crownish image. I bought some new stamps and many times I will randomly stamp the images into my journal and later work them into a page.
This one seemed to make a great crown. I added some details and shading and as per Misty Mawn’s prompt to do self portraits, added a face. She is not me necessarily in looks, though people say all the time that my ladies kind of look like me. I think that is because I am expressing myself through them. I guess after looking in a mirror for 44 years, the face I’m most familiar with is mine. I have a longish nose and neck and largish eyes and so do my ladies.
I’m really liking working in this smallish journal, with simple tools and simple drawings. No painty, no cutty, no gluey. A nice change.

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  1. Queen for the day…how about year?? My DIL always says she the Queen of the family. Then I promptly tell her that I am the Emperous!! LOL So I need to draw that.Beautiful drawing Pam. Love the crown.HugsSueAnn

  2. Beautiful work, Pam! You should also check out my new book Mixed-Media Self-Portraits for further inspirationa and techniques. Send me some of your work!

  3. Love this page, and all the others you hve done …love the spaces of white that you leave which feel like apause in stunning effect of the rest of the peice…xx

  4. your shading is tops… i really want to get those pens… i hope the pen folks know what an amazing spokesperson you are for them!can’t wait to come back for a visittake carekeli

  5. Hmmmm… Queen for a day….I may have to grant everyone I know three wishes and maybe even toss a few in the dungeon for safe keeping! The crown is truly fantastic…the image is royalty.

  6. I’ve thought about that before, except my thought was “what would I do if I were Oprah for a day?” lolYour art work is just blowing my mind girl, and I am loving it.blessings,starrydeborah

  7. thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement today…you have warmed my heart…your queen is just captivating…your illustration so lovely and your shading is stunning…you have so inspired me to keep reaching and trying…

  8. Good for you, doing a face! And it is wonderful, just very accomplished. I never would have thought of starting with a stamp, that was quite clever.

  9. As a loyal subject, I must kiss the Queen’s royal artwork! You’re my inspiration to want to delve more into drawing. It would make me so happy to be able to journal with the skill and creativity that you possess. All hail Queen Pam! =)

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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