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  1. Wow, Pam…this is such a fantastic piece! I have the Pitt Shades of Gray and I've not gotten anything even remotely as beautiful as yours when I use mine. lolPeace & Love,♥Barb♥

  2. Simply stunning!! I am blown away. I need some serious practice on faces… the highlights and shadows… the things you capture flawlessly. WOW! Oh and I love those Pitt brush pens… I have a bunch but not the grey set. This project sure is making my wish list bigger over at Dick Blicks! LOL!

  3. You’re a hoot Lisa! Thank you and I’m sure it wouldn’t take you 5 years-lol! I used Pitt brush tipped pens in shades of gray. They are my new favorite toy. Oh, and graphite pencil.Pam

  4. Holy cow you are an AMAZING artist! This doesn’t look as simple as you make it out to be! It would take me 5 years at least to be able to do this. LOL! :-)What medium do you use?? Is this watercolor/pencil?

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