January Journaling Day 4, A Mistake?

They say there are no mistakes in art, well I found that out the hard way when I started this page. Originally it was horizontal and I had drawn a tree branch and written some words, then to my dismay, realized that the journal was upside down! Ugh~ Because this was on the backside of a completed page, I tried to figure out what to do. Sometimes these things force us to be even more creative and this page grew out of my mistake. I tried looking at the tree branch from different angels and not seeing it as a branch, but instead just studying the lines of it. It looked sort of like a womans dress, so I started with that. There would be no room for her head, so I added it in seperately. Then I found what the page was trying to tell me, ‘Sometimes all you need is a different perspective’. How true in life and in art. So I will try to look at things differently, to see the possibilities, to find the hidden meaning.

I am going to call this little journal, ‘Shades of Grey, January Journaling’ in honor of my Pitt Pen fascination and paying homage to this month of winter ahead.

Here is the Flicker group so you can see more journal pages from other crusaders.

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