White Gel Pen Demo

Since several people who have signed up for my Journaling Workshop have asked, here is a little demo on White Gel Pens. I went to Michael’s and bought one of every white pen they had. Using a painted background page from my journal, I tried them all and this is what I came up with.

For Fine Lines

Uniball Signo Broad, (Can be purchased from Stampin’ Up also) writes consistently smooth and gives great coverage. It also acts as a resist if painted over. Love it!

For Coloring or Wide Lines

Marvy Opaque Stix feel nice and smooth when writing over paint. The white one gives a slightly see-through look that I love. The colored ones are very opaque. They are also inexpensive. I use these pens a lot and would highly recommend them for journaling.

I hope this helps a bit with the ‘which white pen’ dilemma!

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  1. Ok, I ordered the sharpie poster pens too! It’s fun to see what everyone’s favorites are.The video is still available Patti:-) I just put a link to it in the righthand column as I plan to do more and you will be able to access them through the link.Thanks you all for the comments!

  2. poo – I’ve been waiting for a chance to watch the tutorial and now I don’t see it in your post… did you move it or have I been drinking too much egg nog?

  3. I am addicted to white pens, too. I like the Sharpie Poster Pen the best. I doesn’t pick up color like some others do. There is a Ranger Inkssentials white pen that is more of a ballpoint that is even better than the Signo…in my opinion.Bad news, they are discontinuing the Sharpie Pens according to Blick Artist Supplies, which is a great place for all these products.Your new Friend in ART,Linda Cain

  4. Thanks Pam, I checked at Michaels, couldn’t find the uniball pen in white, ended up with a white gelyroll pen but I need to keep looking. I bought a field journal for the class with my 50% off coupon woohoooo.Have you seen Andrea singing to Elmo on youtube? It is priceless. I am a big fan of Mr Bocelli, went to see him last year too.

  5. Great recommendations! Thanks so much. Can’t wait for the class to start; though I must admit some trepidation on my part. I am definitely a journal virgin!!HUgsSueAnn

  6. I haven’t tried them yet. Do you know if they bleed through paper that is thinner than watercolor paper? I will have to check those out-thanks!

  7. Hi Pam,Have you tried the Sharpie Poster Paint pens? They are beautifully opaque, water based, come in tons of colors (including white and black) and several tip sizes- I love them!

  8. All you really NEED are two-three shades, from light to dark. Two are fine, you could even get by with one by using varying pressure. So you are set to go with what you have sweetie:-) Looking forward to class!xoxoPamBTW, the Andrea Bocelli is what I love to listen to when I’m painting. It’s such a departure from the everyday music I listen too and totally gets me in the creative mood:-)

  9. I have been unable to find a 5D charcoal pencil anywhere. It wasn’t in the Genreal set I bought. I even looked online. Any suggestions?

  10. thanks for the recommends…I’ve got one but I’m always one the look out for new products…will scope these out!By the way…loving the Andrea Bocelli…he’s one of my favourites too!!

  11. Aha! The great white pen for journaling debate is finally answered…and I have neither. lol Now you’ve gone and given me something new to add to my need list. ha!Peace & Love,~Barb~

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