What I did on Christmas Vacation…

It’s hard to believe Christmas is over. It went by so fast, with a rush of travel, my son’s wedding, visiting with family and SNOW. Lots of SNOW. I went to Seattle and was there for one of the worst snowstorms in the last decade. It snowed almost everyday that we were there. We learned that for the whole Seattle area they have a total of 27 snow plows. We actually only saw two the whole time we were there and we were on the road a good portion of that time. It was so pretty though. Sadly, it did keep us from getting to see much of our family. Which meant that family members were missing from the wedding. Everyone pulled together though and it came off nicely despite the weather and rush to get things done. It was a very small affair, with only close family and friends. They are off for a short honeymoon and then Christopher will be back to finish his training for a few more weeks. We still don’t know where he will be stationed, but are comforted that he will have his lovely new bride to bring comfort to him. He has officially left the nest to build one of his own. I am happy for him, but also sad that it went by so quickly. Everyone tells you it will, from the time they are little babies and it is true. Between waiting endlessly at the airport with all of the other desperate passengers, waiting to get to their Christmas destinations, I spent many hours buried in my journal. I also bought Susan Tuttle’s new book, ‘Exhibition 36’. It is amazing! I highly recommend it. I mostly used my new Pitt Pens on this trip, but I did finish a couple of pages in celebration of my feature in Somerset’s ‘Art Journaling’, loading those up with color. I actually used bits and pieces from the pdf proof, layering them with paint and doodles. Taking your journal with you turns travel nightmares into cherished creative time. You don’t even feel guilty because there is literally NOTHING else you need to do!
So don’t forget to take it with you everywhere. you just never know when you will need it.

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  1. What wonderful pictures. Your son and his new wife look so happy and they make a beautiful couple. Congrats on gaining a new family member. Your journal pages are terrific. Happy New Year dear one.HugsSueAnn

  2. Well my friend you now wear the crown officially of Mum in Law. What beautiful photos and Im so glad you had such a great time. Your new “daughter ” looks so sweet. Another era in the family and other doors are now opening ….and your journey continues. I must catch you up on my journey soon Ive just been given a fun contract all about kids wall art to fill. hugs and smiles Michelle

  3. What sweet glimpses into your holiday. I've been enjoying Susan's marvelous book, too.And I just want to thank you for inspiring me to get out my Pitt pens. I've been using them on Bristol to make ATC's & being guided by tips on your video.

  4. Congratulations on gaining a new daughter. I wish your son and her a lifetime filled with joy and love.Your pages are always beautiful and these are certainly no exception. (You even have me carrying a Moleskine with me everywhere I go cause you're right, you never know.)Peace & Love,~Barb~

  5. Pam, what wonderful photos, art and sentiments…..it must have been a very emotional time….very bittersweet….they DO grow much too fast. I am so happy for all the love that surrounded you this Christmas….and that your travels were safe ones :)Hugs, sweetie!!!!

  6. I agree with the others, you have a gorgeous family and you all look so happy together. What an exciting time in all of your lives, a little sad in some ways now that your boy has grown so quickly, yet it’s a proud moment as well as you’ve given him all you could and he is truly ready to make a nest of his own.One of my birthday presents to myself was my first moleskin journal. I used my pitt pens and tried using some of your tips about light feathering and using the different shades of gray to create more dimension. I hope to be able to fit in your journal class, especially after seeing all your beautiful pages! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post!Happy New Year–may it be bigger and brighter than the last!

  7. I'm glad you had a lovely (if snowy) Christmas…I hadn't realized Christopher's wedding was "now" — for some reason I thought spring…he and his wife look happy and beautiful…can you ask for more? And the 3 of you look beautiful…look at you flanked by those 2 handsome men!!I love the journal page about him being off to make a nest of his own…the cycle of life. ♥

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