A Special Christmas Gift

I went to the mailbox yesterday, fighting through the spitting snow and bitter cold, to find something that warmed my heart. My long-time, long seperated, artfully reunited, friend, Laurie Blau-Marshall sent me a little surprise with a book I purchased from her etsy shop. This is special, as it is her first published work, (Somerset Memories December 2008)and was done in honor of our friendship. I can’t tell you how wonderful it made me feel to open it. I’m honored Laurie, and though it graces my Christmas decortated fireplace mantel now, it will go into my studio to remind me of all of the wonderful things that have come out of my artful journey this past 1 1/2 years. Thank you girlfriend. May your holidays be filled with the warmth of family and friends!

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  1. It’s it great when you get an unexpected gift? I enjoyed watching your video and told dh that’s what I want under the tree…Pitt Pens..ehehehe!!! You have a Very Merry Christmas looking forward to the Workshop in Jan. (((hugs)))Bevie

  2. wonderful gift of friendship !!!I love your you tube video and all your new journal work….makes me really look forward to your class 🙂

  3. How did I know your house would look so gorgeous? The story of the gift from your friend really touched me…how special!!! It’s a beautiful gift.And thank you so much for posting the Pitt pens doodle demonstration!!! I can’t wait to watch it!Hugs,Lori

  4. What a very special keepsake Pam…old friends, reunited and commemorated with art. Delightful and very much in keeping with the spirit of this season!

  5. You are waaaaaaaaay more than welcome! You know my procrastinating, bad girl heart has been meaning to send it to you ever since they sent it back! (ahem…9 months ago…) I just commented on the Chrysti interview – do you realize that we met in 1976???I’m finally recovered and will be attempting to write a blog post today – in between laundry loads! I didn’t do a thing while I was sick, it’s dirty dish and laundry central here. Plus it’s a snow day – no school, my gal is getting cabin fever here.Have a great day!(be back on Etsy board soon, too)xoxoLaurie

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