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I just had to stop at Michael’s and use my 40% off coupon on the way home from the girlfriends annual cookie exchange this morning! I have been having so much fun playing with my new toys this afternoon, that I have to share what I bought with you. I purchased a small 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 journal a bit ago, just for traveling and to make myself work outside the normal size I use and experiment with different mediums as the pages are not watercolor paper. I saw a set of Pitt Pens that had brush tips and were in all shades of gray to black. This looked like fun. Pitt pens are awesome because you can paint over the ink without fear of bleeding. These pages are what I did with them this afternoon. I have only used the pens, graphite pencil and white gel pen. I am in love! I could even add color if I wanted to. These will be going with me on my trip for sure! I just love new toys and making myself work differently than I normally do.

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  1. Pam, I’m back to let you know that I’ve posted a link to this entry on my blog because you inspired me so much. I don’t know what happened to your video demo, so I couldn’t link that.Happy New Year!

  2. I just found your blog because of your generous donations to Chrysi's giveaway. Love your art. This post reminded me that I have these same Pitt pens & I need to dig them out!

  3. I love to use pitt pens as well, I’ve got the black-gray range but have been searching for the sepia ones. Love your drawings-so angelic. 🙂 And kudos for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying a new size, a new technique!

  4. hi pamfantastic!!! i love the soft detail in the birdyour work makes my soul clap its hands and singas always thanks for sharingenjoy your daytabby 🙂

  5. I think you would create beautiful art with a stick and a stone in dirt…you never cease to amaze me — and please my senses!!! ♥

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