Mind Wide Open Challenge December

Well, Gail went and did it again! I really was going to give this months Mind Wide Open challenge a pass due to a very busy schedule. But I just had to sneak over and see what the image was and I ended up staying up into the wee hours last night to do this piece.

I am calling it ‘Capture The Moment’, which I have represented with the little caged butterfly. The word prompt at MWO is ‘Beginnings’ and I have included the beginnings of wings, sprouting from her back. These represent her first attempts to soar on her own. The beginning of the journey to find her true self. Remember when your child first starts to venture out on their own? It can be frustrating and make you proud, all in the same moment.

Using a 10×10 canvas, I applied the image first and then added molding paste around it, stamping into it for even more texture. Acrylic paints, water soluble crayon, stamping, drawing, and some charcoal combine to give it a wintry feel. A little butterfly also hangs from a string

a true ‘captured moment’. Voting starts on

December 8th.
This piece is available in my etsy shop and remember, I am offering free shipping the entire first week in December, on all original works.

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  1. I enjoy coming to your blog.I am so glad you decided to do MWO thhis month. This piece just feels wonderful! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful creations!! Just wanted to ask you to change the link for me you have in yourside bar to stampedsmiles.blogspot.comThanks so much!! 😉

  3. Again you’ve managed to do an awesome treat for all of us to enjoy!!! I haven’t gotten mine finished yet…but will!!! Bevie

  4. She is beautiful! Good luck over at MWO. Come over to my blog and enter my give away for my 100th post. You never know…..Charlie

  5. What wonder you create in the wee hours of the night just gorgeous I adore this one and it gets my vote. hugs Michelle xo

  6. Well girl, you’ve taken my humble little image and created an amazing piece of art. I just adore the colors youv’e used and I love the explanation behind the painting.hugsgail

  7. lol…Gail and I were talking about how quiet it will probably be this month at MWO because of the holidays and she said you weren’t going to do one — and then you did!! You are so cute!! And your piece is AMAZING!! Holidays agreed with you — must have been all that sea air!!! ;)And Pam, I’m starting to freak out a little..every time I come here, the “stat counter” about the # of days until Christmas is getting lower and lower…and I’ve done N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!!! Ack!!

  8. I am in awe of what you did with the image. I saw it at Gail’s and thought I will pass on a challenge yet again. You have totally transformed the image and made another beautiful piece of art!

  9. You have such a beautiful “signature style”. I can’t wait till I develop my own. Practice Practice Practice, right? lol

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