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This is another page I did on our trip, that I wanted to share. I wasn’t sure where this one would go at all, but liked the subtle colors and phrenoloy images. I do feel like I had time to collect my thoughts a bit. We did a lot of activities both on and off the ship, but I was able to enjoy two days on board, with lots of pool time. I used to kind of freak out if my words didn’t end up fitting into the space I allowed, but as you can see here they didn’t, and I was still pleased with the page. That is the fun thing about journals, they don’t have to be ‘perfect’, just perfectly fun.
Here is a picture of us as we walked onto the ship. They snag pictures of you all the time. I still need to upload the pictures from my camera, but I’m too pooped tonight. The one picture I didn’t get, was one of my 17 year old in the hot tub full of girls! He was one of two young men on board, with a whole host of teen aged girls. Needless to say, he had a great cruise-lol!
I did catch up on laundry, and got the house all decorated for Christmas today! It really puts me in the mood. Dug out all of the Christmas CD’s too. Dashing through the snow…

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  1. I found you through Michelle’s Crusades and love what you have done with your cruise journal. I did a cruise in April and have done nothing yet with the photos. You have given me some ideas! Thanks so much, Marlynn

  2. Hi Pam,Glad you had a super great trip and lots of memories. Your fam looks sooo cute!blessings,starrydeborah

  3. I love your journal pages!!! They are terrific. And what a wonderful pic of all of you on the boat!! You just had to do it didn’t you?? Couldn’t resist, huh? Christmas countdown??!!!! YIKES!!!! I am so behind…what happened to August???LOLHUgsSueAnn

  4. Good morning Pam…I love the lastest journal page…It has so much interest *brain food*!!! lolWow you have a beautiful family…and hunk of a hubby!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself…course you’re no slouch either!!! love ya, Bevie

  5. what a great family picture….and your journal page is great…I really like the way the letters take their own route 🙂 Glad to have you back, sweetie 🙂

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