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Ok, better late than never, right? Susan Tidwell, a fellow ZNE Design Team member, has tagged me! I am now going to share 4 little know facts about me, I know you can’t stand the suspense-LOL! Ok, here goes…

1.) Laurie Blau-Marshall and I shared a locker in high school and we decorated it (yes, even waaaaay back then) in rainbows. Awwww, how cute is that?

2.) I have lived in Washington, California, and Missouri, and never felt an earthquake, never seen a tornado, but did see a volcano (MT St. Helens) erupt.

3) I am a compulsive vacuumer. My husband says I wear them out before their time-lol!

4.)My first “artistic” experience that I remember was drawing purple polka-dots on my bedroom wall. Mom was NOT happy:-)

Now I will tag Laurie Blau-Marshall, Suzan Buckner, Michelle Dobell, and Sherry Smyth! Oh, yeah the pic is my salute to the 80’s after reading a post on Sherry’s blog-lol! Hubby and I go retro on a cruise:-) I hope they let us back on the ship because we get to set sail again in a couple of weeks-woo-hoo!

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  1. Hilarious picture! I went on a cruise once and it was one of THE best vacations I ever had. I discovered I like being waited on.;-) LOL You can come vacuum my house any time.hugsg

  2. I forgot about the rainbows! Too funny, I was going to decorate the bathroom of my first apartment in rainbows if I remember correctly. Can’t remember if I actually did it though…Those wigs are hilarious! I’m at least used to seeing you with curly hair (or I was) but Nate is unrecognizable! I about fell over when I saw that picture. You should make it your christmas card.xoxoLaurie

  3. I love this tag game cuz it gives us yet another insite to some wonderful, talented people we call friends here!!! I for one thing you looked great in that wig..eheheh!!! Fun times..

  4. lol…the photograph is fab…BUT…you got to take that hair OFF girlfriend…I had to wait until that horrible perm grew out!!! too funny!!!Thanks for the tag…I’ll let you know when it’s up!

  5. Thanks for playing tag. I enjoy reading the things everyone posts. I can just imagine how your mom felt about purple polka-dots! Have fun on your next cruise.Susan

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