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  1. Hi Pam,:) I just love your paintings. My brother is in Afghanistan currently. It is a very scary thing, having loved ones so far from home. xoxo~Abbie

  2. Your artwork is full of beauty and meaning and I adore it!!!!!!Just wonderful Pam! My heart is with you as your son serves our country, and all those families with loved ones far away! I came upon your blog from the challenge on Mind Wide Open! LOVE all your pieces!!!!Hugs,Patti

  3. Your latest paintings are wonderful, love the addition of the bird and the cages, they look soooo soft and romantic. You must be painting constantly to have so much done 🙂

  4. This is lovely and the words from a loving mother, even more special. I am sure you have many worries about your son being so far away, but you can hear the pride…when you speak of him. Many blessings for his safety.~xx~Kathy

  5. You are so right, we hold our children in our hearts, and I do pray daily for mine…am adding your son to my prayer list Pam. God will keep him safe!!! (((gentle hugs)))

  6. Your work is beautiful and this post brought tears to my eyes. I have three sons and often my mind turns to the brave young men and women who have given so much for our freedoms and are often unsung as the heroes that they are. Last year it hit me …the thoughts of a mother’s heart….I thought of my father’s mother who had four sons in the military at the same time, 3 in the marines (my father being one of them) and one in the navy all at a time of war…. God Bless your son and God bless you. mb

  7. This is a sweet piece for Thanksgiving. This will be the first year, though, that both our boys won’t be able to be with us. boo hoo.

  8. Once again your art captures your emotions, your feelings and thoughts.I worry about my son away at University; that is nothing compared to worrying about a son who is daily putting himself on the line. My prayers to him each day.And hug your children? Absolutely. I hug my almost 17 year old daily, whether he likes it not (and generally he doesn’t!).

  9. Thank you everyone. There is such comfort from shared bonds of motherhood. My son is completing his training right now, and then we will see where he is to go. I will most definitely let you all know and the offers of prayers and even care packages will be so appreciated. Thank you for your comforting words:-)xoxoPam

  10. oh my son fought in iraq. he has since fulfilled his time in the service and left. he was gone for a year and 1/2. i will say prayers for you and your son. god bless.

  11. My heart goes out to you, and i pray for his safe return.You do such beautiful work, i love the art and i love the sentiments behind them

  12. My dear Pam, I know what you are going through. My son served 15 months in Afghanistan. It was a very long and hard time for me. He is now home, safe and sound. I will keep your son in my thoughts and prayers. Send me his address and I will send him a care package. My son reall appreciated and loved all the ones he got. Especially the ones from strangers.Love your collage. I have signed up for your class in January.

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