Mind Wide Open November Challenge

It is that time again, time for the MWO challenge! This months image is shown in the detail shot on the left. A truly lovely one. The theme is ‘Beloved’.

I had already started this pieces on a 16×20 canvas. It is one I was working on for my bedroom and though I had the window in the corner, it still needed something. Gail’s image was the perfect thing! Inspired by the feeling that I am always, eternally, waiting for my DH to come home from his pilot job. The words read, ‘She waited for what seemed an eternity’, finish that off with ‘for her beloved’. She keeps him in her heart as she looks out the window anxiously awaiting his return. Voting begins November 8th. My beloved comes home tonight:-)

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  1. I have only now discovered your lovely blog and beautiful art. Your figures are just amazing and filled with emotion. I will be back often! Deb

  2. Beautiful Pam, and very touching since you are always waiting for your beloved to fly home 🙂 It has such meaning and Gail’s image looks perfect with it.

  3. Ok, I think I know what you mean. I prep my canvases with molding paste, which gives the canvas a texture, then layers of paint and papers make it all combine. The texture you are seeing though is from the molding paste. Hope this helps:-)

  4. hi pat. thanks for the reply to my eariler comment here. i didnt express myself well the image you added to the painting looks painted too. it amazes me that it blends so well with the actual painting part

  5. This is wonderful Pam….I love that you have the photo of the beloved over her heart. So sweet…..and Lucy is right…your work keeps getting better and better !!!

  6. yes—your pieces keep getting better and better, love how you have so many subtle layers upon layers! I love the theme and the image fits in perfectly with the story behind the canvas!

  7. that is aweseome!! i want to know how you made it look so soft and painterly (not sure if this is the right words but i hope you get my meaning). amazing!

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