Loudlife’s Haiku Challenge

Laurie Blau-Marshall, has issued a Haiku challenge on her blog. This is totally out of my comfort zone, so it is a perfect prompt for a journal page! I had finished my page last night, but it still needed ‘something’. I decided to give the Haiku a try and it was just the extra little ‘something’ I was looking for. Journals are a place for experimenting with new things, so it feels like a safe place to play with words. Go over and check out Laurie’s new Monday challenge and give it a try!

5 responses

  1. Love, love, LOVE the Angels, the colors are “heavenly”. Okay, couldn’t help myself there. ;-)hugsgail

  2. It’s a beautiful Haiku and a stunning journal entry! I’m so excited about your journal class. I will include a plug for it in one of my upcoming blog posts.

  3. This is an incredible journal page. Of course, I do love angels. What a great job you did. I think I am going to have to learn the Haiku thing and try that challenge.Hugs, G

  4. beautiful Pam, just beautiful…you have a way with angels 🙂 and I am sure, as the mom of three boys, you earn your wings every day !!

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