Confessions of a Journal Junkie

Ok, I have to admit that I am a Journal Junkie. If I am not working on a canvas, I am doodling in my journal. Or should I say, one of my journals. That is the true sign, having more than one going at a time. I have one that is more serious, devoted to ‘pretty’, meaningful pages, full of my hopes and dreams and feelings. Then I have one in which I experiment with techniques and color. It’s kind of crazy compared to the art I usually produce. I am trying to just let myself go in that one. Then, my third journal is one I am working in, in preparation for my upcoming journal workshop, ‘Visual Journalism 101’. I am wanting to really pack a lot of information to help people get addicted, just like me! You know it’s always more fun if you can get other people to do it with you!
I have had some prints made of these pages and listed them on etsy. They look really nice on glossy paper. Do you journal? Ever wanted to start? Let me know!

Stay creative!

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  1. I’d really like to try to journal more so than I do now. I guess i just don’t where to go with it or how much time to spend on them. I do like my sketch book and find that I am getting better and better at planning ideas for my paintings. I am sure journaling would help me in a similar fashion, with technique experimentation, color and more. I love your pages, fun, funky and very thought felt!Congrats on your upcoming teaching gig!!! 🙂

  2. Hi, Pam! Love your art! I too, am an art journal junkie! I’ve been working on an Autumn theme art journal, from my cozy bedroom! Hugs~ Missy

  3. Your pages are fabulous! I got into journaling this past year and am hooked. I sewed a little holder for my journal, pens, and crayons and create in carpool!

  4. I am only a beginner journaller – but I am already using a number of journals. I am not so good at writing in my thoughts, but I feel at ease with capturing a moment or a feeling. I love looking at your journal pages! And your artwork!!

  5. Hi Pam!Oh, your journal pages are just lovely! I love the vibrant colors and shapes.. so much fun! I am currently working on a digital journal series on my blog. With three babes at home, digital is a very neat, uncluttered way for me to create right now. I do have, however many, many journals. Thank you for sharing!xoxo~Abbie

  6. Yes, I journal too, but really just started. I know you have seen the one I’m working on. I just posted a new page today. This journal is taking me a long time to do for some reason. Maybe I’m just slow. Can’t wait until your workshop starts.

  7. I have good intentions…but my pages are still blank. Many times I buy a brand new journal determined to start and it sits, yet again, untouched. Maybe I have a phobia?? LOL I just can’t seem to get started on one. Sigh!!

  8. Pam,I have journals upon journals… all with mainly blank pages. I always have good intentions but for some reason feel I have to write some deep life altering comments or draw something spectacular – so mainly just plain white pages. Am looking forward to your workshop. I am taking another NEW journal with me on my painting adventure in Key West – maybe that will be the trigger. Love your work!Dana

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