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OK, so I get up this morning, early, before everyone else, and go to my giveaway post to print out the names of all of you lovely people who came by to visit me….and realize that I said WEDNESDAY I would do the drawing-ugh! I am so sorry, I don’t usually do that, but I somehow had it in my head that I was doing it today. Maybe I should read my own blog posts more often-LOL! So, because of that and the fact that so many of you were kind enough to leave a comment and to post my giveaway on your own blogs, I will draw two names, and the second person will receive two 5×7 prints of these works!
And now for the drum roll please…………(excuse me for not taking pictures of the process, I am trying to be quiet as to not wake anyone so I’m sitting in the dark typing this), the first winner is Bevie of Bevie Loves the Lord she is also a fellow artist and ZNE member so stop by and visit her inspirational blog, congratulations!!! The second is, Chrysti Hydeck, an amazing artist I met through ZNE, you can visit her awesome blog here, throwing confetti!!!! I really am blown away by the response. You are all so inspirational to me and I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and comment. Have a great Friday (you can pretend it’s Wednesday if you want:-) and a wonderful Fall weekend!

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  1. Oh congrats too the lucky winners! (I’m a little late checking) With the creative life it’s hard to keep track of the days sometimes, but at least we all understand. 😉

  2. hi pam congrats to your winners!!how lucky they are and you too for bringing beauty into our lives :)enjoy your daytabby

  3. i love your blog, very inpirational,i also have an inpirational blog, called JOY Full Circle,where people can send in anything inspirational, you should send something in =]here is the link IT OUT!thanks

  4. Congratulations to your lucky winners Pam 🙂 Sometimes life is busy and we do tend to get day’s mixed up, no big deal though.

  5. Congratulations to your winners…Pam, not reading your own blog posts to know when you’ve said you’ll do something is like when someone asks you your cell phone # and you draw a blank — how often do you call yourself?!? lol!!! 🙂

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