10,000 Hits, Time To Say Thank You!

Wow, that was so fun to see the meter reach 10,000 hits! I actually missed seeing the actual number, I went to bed a few shy and got up and it was over. This whole blogging community is so wonderful. I started this out of neccessity, or so I thought, only to find a warm, ever widening, circle of friends. You are all so inspiring. It is so encouraging to visit each other and see what is going on in everyone’s life, and to watch each other grow as artists.

To thank you, I would love to give one of you these two new 8×10 prints! The originals were purchased by a gallery, but I just loved them, so I printed out only one set in 8×10 size. Just leave a little note on this post and next Wednesday I will draw one of your names. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving little notes that are so encouraging to me
Feel free to post these images on your blog to let your friends know about the giveaway. I love to go and visit, so I will come to everyone who signs up and say ‘hi’! Get the coffee cups out!

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  1. Dear Pam I just discovered you! through another person’s blog, and I’m so glad cause I’m learning how to paint faces n stuff. So I will follow your work. I feel really inspired and uplifted by your beautiful figure soulful feminine painty beauty.HUGS.(congrats on 10,000!)

  2. Congrats Pam! I stumbled across your blog this morning and am soooo happy I did! I loved your recent artwork in “Stampers Sampler” and wanted to tell you so. You are AMAZING! Best wishes. Debbie K.

  3. WOW!! Congrats on the 10,000 posts! That’s amazing!! Your work is so beautiful!! Great giveaway!Thanks so much!!Michele R.(CA)luvkittysmeowmail@gmail.com

  4. Pam Congrats on 10,000 hits and all of your recent sucess. I love you CPS articles and read your blog regularly. Your art is awesome!Arlene

  5. Hi Pam,Wow!… that’s amazing 10,000 hits, either my count button isn’t working, or not many are looking at mine…LOL..I aspire to one day sell on etsy, but right now I aspire to win one of your fab prints…love your work, your ladies are so wistful…I enjoy watching from afar…..xx

  6. your artwork is awesome – what beautiful prints – and 10,000 hits is incredible – great give away!!!count me in!!Ellie

  7. What a beautiful work this piece is! I have been enjoyed looking through your Etsy shop! Your work is dreamy! I’d be honored to participate in your giveaway!BlessingsLani

  8. A big congratulations to you Pam, 10k hits is quite a milestone!! I am such a fan of your work! And love you to pieces as a friend!!Please enter my name in your wonderful giveaway!

  9. Congratulations Pam!I have no doubt that number will grow very quickly from now on! Your work is just spectacular, so full of emotion. I’d be honored to have you visit my neck of the woods..xoxo~Abbie

  10. An amazing milestone!! Wow!How lovely your work is…found you through Miss Sherry (esprit d’art) and have to say I am really loving your work!Gonna go check out the rest of your blog 🙂

  11. That is most definitely a milestone marker Pam! I'd be thrilled to win a print of your beautiful, soulful, inspiring work – in fact I'm making a spot for it right now in my studio :>

  12. 10,000 hits! WOW!…that’s amazing!…just like your art! :DShe’s beautiful, love the colors…I’d love to be entered into your draw.Thanks!Kat

  13. congratulations on your 10,000 posts!!! I am glad, because it led me to your blog! Wonderful art-great blog!!

  14. Congrats on such a big milestone. As a newbie blogger – that number is stunning!Cheers,Johttp://peaceofpi.etsy.comhttp://pistudio.blogspot.com/

  15. WOW SUPER BIG CONGRATS TO YOU GIRL!! I can only dream of having that many hits! You have a wonderful blog and your art is just gorgeous!! Proud to be in Metsy with you!!! WTG!Aimée

  16. wow! 10,000 congratulations. Your work is amazing and I would love to be entered in your drawing. I found your site via elk and I am so glad that I did. You are very inspiring. I am pretty new to the blogging community but I have found such wonderful and talented ladies here. Their words of encouragement make my day… every day.

  17. your work is inspiring and it is no wonder that you hit 10000thanks for the smiles that come my way when I look at your site~blessings

  18. Hi Pam! Thank you for entering my drawing! Please put my name in yours – I would love to win this gorgeous print! Thanks so much for letting me know :).xoxo,Kristin

  19. Oh you are so very generous and these are stunningly beautiful prints. Thank you for offering them as a draw. You just continue to amaze me with your talent.

  20. Congrats on your milestone but more importantly for the lovely friendships you’ve made along the way. I found you through Sherry of Esprit*d’Art blog and your work is stunning. I just held a giveaway not long ago and they’re such fun. Best of luck to all the entrants! All the best ~Sharon

  21. Hello, These prints are so lovely!What a generous way to celebrate your 10,000 visitors! Now to look around your blog and enjoy your art!

  22. Hi Pam…congrats and yes, I’d love to have my name entered in the HAT..ehehe!!! I love all that you do cuz you are such a talented artist!!

  23. Congratulations.Your work is fabulous. I love coming here and checking your blog out. And you are right the blogging community is great. I’ve met some wonderful inspiring people. Never in my dreams did I think blogging was going to be so much fun and addicting.

  24. I discovered your blog through Paulette… so in the spirit of celbrating so many hits…. you have a new follower! I love your blog and your prints as well! And the same colors as my “new” bedroom!Congratulations~!

  25. 10,000 is a good number 😉 Congrats my dear!!your work is always inspirational, so dreamy~saw your note on Creative Souls~xo!! ~Bella

  26. Wonderful Pam on your 10,000 blog hits but Im really excited about your online classes ..way to go girl! I want to be teachers pet right in the front row. LOL All well here at home and hubby is home and improving daily Yah! and a certain angel we both know gets some credit too. hugs Michelle

  27. 10,000 hits is amazing, but I can understand why people enjoy your blog.Your paintings are amazing, I have admired your work since I found you through Stampers Sampler, and you have been so inspiring to me.So congratulations!!!!!!! and thank you for being so generous 🙂

  28. Yes, I too would love to be entered in your drawing – you are the one that got me started and this far into blogging and artistic participation. All that from picking up a magazine! Your work is incredible.Dana

  29. Cripes! This is the third time I have tried to post this comment!Congratulations on reaching 10,000 hits – what a milestone! Your art and your blog are wonderful. Please count me into your lucky draw.

  30. Congrats on hitting 10,000!! Your work is so beautiful!! You know I love the colors in these pieces although I love all your work! You are such an inspiration!!

  31. Pam,Again, congratulations on 10,000 posts – what a milestone! YOur art is gorgeous – I would so love to win a print!Susan

  32. Hugs to you, Pam! This is quite a moment to be proud of, especially for someone who is so adamantly a non-computer person! You have a great blog and the most amazing art creations. Besides, this is just the beginning… :)-Roberta

  33. Congrats Pam~It feels so good to reach a milestone, doesn’t it. I am so happy to see so many stopping by to enter…You have a great blog!~xx~Kathy

  34. Pam this is an awesome way to celebrate your 10,000 visits. I’ll pass on the generous offer on to my blog.Thanks againNatalie BrineyWestern Australia

  35. I hate being greedy because I already won a print from you, but I can’t help myself! Your work is beautiful and this piece is especially so.Congrats on the 10,000 hits, and on your well-deserved success!

  36. I just “found” you, and I’m so happy I did…I love your art…the colors you use just speak to my heart, and your images are so fascinating!

  37. Pam, Wow 10,000 hits! What a grand milestone. Your work always fascinates me and makes me feel so peaceful.Congrats,Cathy Minerva

  38. Hi Pam – Found your Blog through your Article in Cloth Paper Scissors – wanted to see more! It is so inspiring and thankyou so much for sharing. Val in UK

  39. Congratulations! 10,000…that is amazing….and so is your work (who wouldn’t want to visit you)!?! Hugs,La Donna

  40. Pam I love your work!! What a great idea! I of course want you to pick my name!! LOL Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your wonderful art pieces. They encourage me to keep moving forward!HugsSueAnn

  41. I just discovered your blog through ZNE and I am so glad that I did. Your work is just absolutely breathtaking. I will definately be following and hopefully be able to purchase some of your beautiful art soon. Best wishes,Tia

  42. Congratulations girl!!!! You KNOW I have to enter to win one of your gorgeous prints!! Hope you’re having a wonderful, creative week, xxoo, Dawn

  43. Wow, 10,000 hits, congratulations. I understand why after viewing your art. Thanks so much for being you and inspiring so many people.

  44. Congrats, Pam! I keep thinking I'll start a blog & you're a great inspiration!! Loving the new prints – the colors are so uplifting 🙂

  45. 10,000!!! That is an incredible amount of readership Pam…but I completely understand “why”!!!I would love to be entered into a drawing for this beautiful print and I’ll blog about it tomorrow (16th) to encourage others. It will reduce my chances, but then hey, life is all about the luck of the draw!!!

  46. Congratulations Pam! It is so fun reaching those milestones! You will be at 20,000 before you know it! Those are beautiful pieces.

  47. A big congrats, girlfriend, on reaching 10,000+ Your work is so exceptional and you are an inspiration to all those you touch. Thank you for your friendship 🙂

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