Some Blog Awards~

The very sweet and talented Nancy Lefco was so kind to pass these awards along to me. You need to go and check her list of recipients. They are all wonderful artists and I’m blessed to have become friends with most of them. I would like to pass these awards to a few special people. One is my childhood friend, Laurie Blau-Marshall. She’s my talk an hour on the phone friend, even though we don’t do it all of the time, it seems no time has passed at all when we do. The next is Gail Schmidt. She is such wonderful person and is always so encouraging to me. She also designed my wonderful blog header with the patience of a saint! And my third recipient is the lovely Dawn Edmondson, who has been riding the same wave as I and been such a dear support person. She is my email buddy that I can say, ‘you’ll never believe this…’ and she always does! Thanks you all, now go out and pass the love on:-)

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