Look What the Mail Lady Brought Me

What a wonderful surprise in the mailbox today. I just got the latest issue of Somersets, The Stampers’ Sampler and they have featured two of my pieces in the ‘Noteworthy’ department! I didn’t hear a peep about this, so it was a total surprise. I really liked how soft these pieces came out, but had all but forgotten about them. I was just flipping through and I thought, ‘hey, that looks familiar’, and there they were. I don’t know if it’s better to know in advance or to just be surprised, but I am forever thankful for the opportunity to be published in such wonderful magazines. Thank you Somerset!

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  1. this is wonderful. what a nice surprise. I really love these pieces. I just got back from visiting your etsy shop and your work truly is beautiful – it really speaks to me. : ) i bought something right away.(Only wish I could afford an original.)Thank you for visiting my blog and your encouraging words.It is hard when the children move away. I am a single mother and Taylor is my only child, so the house is definitely lonely.I saw your family album – you have a very handsome family.

  2. Congrats!!! Those pieces are beautiful…definitely noteworth ; ) It’s so much fun to know a real life celeb!~Alisa

  3. Pam! These pieces are just beautiful!!!! I love them both ~ what a wonderful surprise to get in the mail…hope you have a great weekend! xxoo, Dawn

  4. You are definitely “noteworthy”!!!!! Ms. “celebrity”!! Congrats….perhaps now is the time to start designing the “wedding gown”…. 😉

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