Sing Without Words

Isn’t this ATC wonderful? I just received it in the mail from Dana Strickland. I am touched, as Dana contacted me after my article, ‘Art at the Speed of Life’ came out asking me what an ATC was. We had a few emails back and forth and then a couple of days ago her first ATC arrived in the mail. Thank you Dana, you made my day!
I have been busy with some writing projects, more on this later, and needed a break, so I spent yesterday working on this little 8×10 canvas. The title is ‘Sing Without Words’, and has a quote from Emily Dickensen on her dress. What a lovely thought, to sing without words. It seemed small to me after working on larger pieces lately. I had a great day in my newly reorganized studio space. I’ve been sporadically cleaning out closets, drawers and my work space for the past couple of weeks, getting ready for a garage sale. It feels good to get some of the clutter under control. Hope you are all enjoying the fall air, it is beautiful here!

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  1. Halo my dear ;)your words were precious thanks for sending them my way!! I am so enchanted with all of your heavenly work when I visit your online pages…I can only imagine how spectacular they must be in person~congrats on placing on mind wide open..I spyed it the other day!!life is beautiful!!xo ~Bella

  2. To sing without words is a lovely idea — to sing from our soul and hear the words within.Bless you for teaching Dana about ATCs…apparently you are an excellent teacher by the design on this card and Dana is a talented artist!

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