Clean Your Plate~ GPPS Street Team Challenge

Time for another challenge from Michelle Ward! As soon as I read this challenge, I knew that I was on the same page as Michelle, and then when I signed on and saw all of the other comments, I realized we have a whole Street Team Army, already cleaning our plates! I know people feel the need to purge and clean in the spring, but I also feel it in the fall. And now I know I am not alone!

Over the summer I get little bits of time to dash into the studio and work a bit on my art, never staying long enough to clean up after myself. As summer progresses, I keep the door closed, my little secret-lol! Then the kids go back to school and I have a few glorious hours each day to work on my art, oh, and clean the house:-) Then begins the purge. I feel this need to clean everything out before winter keeps me inside, warming my toes by the fire. This year, I did a ‘Clean Sweep’ and took everything out of my studio and put back what I wanted. It took me several days, and I had to pry some things out of my hands and say goodbye-sniff. It is necessary though, if you want a clear focus and direction. I used to be so scattered, doing this project and that project, and I feel like I am finally doing art that I love, and paring down all of the other areas is OK. I don’t need to do twenty different kinds of arts and crafts. I can focus on mixed media painting as that is what I truly love to do.

One BIG thing I am letting go of is scrap booking. When I look at the piles of pictures waiting to be cropped and arranged on decorated pages, it exhausts me. I have given myself permission to put the bulk of my pictures into pocket sleeves and do an occasional scrapbook page here and there. What a weight off my back!

Why is it that we cling to these ideals of what we ‘have’ to do? Overcommitment seems to be the standard anymore. I am going to try to give myself permission to let some things go this year. I have several exciting projects in the works this year, and I want to be able to focus on them and be able to enjoy the process, not just the end results!

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  1. Scrapbooking takes up SO much of my space and time, yet, unlike you, I could not see it off! I like the idea of doing mixed media but, scrapping haunts me…My solution was to move my scrapping things to our cabin so I can scrap to my hearts content…I keep a few things here to appease the bug in me…but you were right, I no longer feel obligated to participate in every aspect of art and craft! Thanks, Pam! Gina

  2. You are SO right about enjoying the process! The journey! It’s an epiphany you can’t rush, but when you realize that you’re getting in your own way, it can be so great to just let go of shoulds and obligations, and work through your own process. Thank you for sharing all the interesting pictures and your story.

  3. Thank you for your comments about overcommitment. I love to play with all kinds of different things…but I tend to get so scattered that it takes forever to get any one thing done. I think part of Cleaning My Plate is going to be to focus on a few specific things. I loved your post!

  4. Pam,I too love your studio! My husband made me the greatest work table – and I have it piled high with ideas – no space to work. Once again, you have moved me to action.Thanks,, I have even started the blogspot – that is really outside of my comfort zone)

  5. i think your words echo so much of what all us artist mothers feel :)) Your studio is beautiful, what a wonderful place to spend timeJo xxWho is off to purge her scrapbooking stuff!!!

  6. Great post Pam…. definitely not enough hours in the day for me! I have started to declutter…. just hope that I can keep at it!

  7. Hi Pam,I love seeing photos of your creative space. What a wonderful place to work and play. I hear ya about the scrap booking. I took that off my plate a couple of years ago. I love having our paths cross again. I see that you were recently interviewed by MWO. I’ll be reading that later today. Thanks for sharing with us a little more about you! I love hearing about the artist behind the beautiful work.

  8. What to leave in, what to leave out. Just knowing the difference is a giant step forward. Then the sifting, or putting aside. Thanks for letting us see your studio and share in you plate-cleaning realizations.

  9. Just found your blog. Great post. Love your art. I’ll be visiting often for inpiration. You are so talented. I’m in the cleaning purge mode too. Fall gets my muse in over drive and I need room to create. Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh gosh the scrapbooking part is a biggie. I know in my heart that I will never ever get around to doing it. The boxes and boxes of pictures are haunting me. Maybe I can just let it go like you have. Thanks, I might try. “Might”

  11. Excellent question Pam. Why do we hang on to the things we no longer need? What is it in our natures that prompts us to say “I might do that”…the relief of letting go of the additional pressure is worth all the time and effort it takes to “purge”.

  12. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts on purging in our studio’s. In the last year I have gone from sewing shabby cottage items to mixed media art. I have to stop wanting to do it all and I really, really need to go through my studio room and do what you have done, I do it in the rest of my home, not sure why I get stuck on keeping things in my studio 🙂

  13. Your studio looks beautiful, Pam! Doesn’t it feel good to know you have all that cleaning behind you? Time for more art! Have a great weekend!

  14. pam – great post! thanks for sharing your thoughts with the team. i think we can all relate to the purge as well as giving ourselves permission to stopping doing what we think we HAVE to do. it’s so liberating to shelf those duties and move on. love the photo of your workspace!

  15. I agree completely with you, there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything, so let’s just do what we love and what gives us joy and let go of the rest that clutter up our lives–things that we know we are not going to get to. Now, to do the same Well, actually I have cleaned and purged a bunch of stuff and bought some organizational bins, so I have started the process…just not finished yet!

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