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  1. Please add my thoughts to those of my American artist sisters. I in America did not forget and will never forget 9/11. Forever is that moment etched into my heart and the many acts of bravery on that day. My Aussie love and heart to you all may we soon have true Peace for all mankind. Michelle

  2. Every year when 9/11 comes again, we all remember what a horrible tragedy that happened not to just the ones who died–but to all of us. May God bless America, bless us all, and keep us safe as we turn to Him for our leaders to have wisdom to make the right decisions now and in the future.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful reminder Pam.Saying a special prayer for all of those lost in this horrible tragedy, and then many who’s lives will never be the same!God Bless the USA!

  4. Touching post Pam. I was writing a note for my son today to take to his teacher and as I wrote the date it all came flooding back. Prayers for those who lost their lives and the loved ones they left behind ♥

  5. thanks to you for posting this….it is so important that we, as a nation, never forget and my fear that too many WANT to forget. May God hold your husband safely in His hands on all his travels.

  6. my hat’s off to people like your husband who work hard to service others. i am flying saturday for vacation in florida. because of the dedication of a few, i know i’m in safe hands on route to my destination. my heart also goes out to those who lost their lives on this day.

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