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I am posting a couple of pics of my latest WIP. This piece is 12×24, and I am loving working on a different sized canvas. Because of the size, I find I have to stand to do some of the painting. It is amazing how just that difference frees up your brushstrokes. No wonder the kids I used to teach all wanted their time at the easels! So much of the time my work is smaller and I am sitting hunched over it. What a mood lifter to stand in front of it and use my whole arm while brushing the paint on. I kept thinking of a line from the movie ‘The Money Pit’ when the composer tells the painter, ‘Smooth strokes, up and down. Paint, don’t tickle.” I would encourage you to step out of your box, and try a different size work than you are used to. Stretch or shrink into it and allow your creativity to take control.

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  1. Love how you start with such a delicate touch and build up your layers. Your piece is looking LOVELY so far! I’ve picked a few out of the ordinary sized canvases lately and so I’ll be taking your advice and painting outside of my usual box. I wish I had a small easel to do things upright. I just sold my LARGE one because I really have no room for it and it became more of a catch all then something I used with my work.Anywhoo–love what you do, keep em coming!

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