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My husband has finished his first novel!!! Much happy dancing going on around here! He is now in search of an agent and had asked me to do a piece of cover art for him, along the lines of ‘A Silver Ring’ which was published in Somerset in May. His novel is loosely based on his Uncle that is portrayed in this heroes inspired work. The book has the same title. He really liked what I came up with and I’m hopeful that it will help his submissions to stand out a bit. It can be long process at this stage, so we will sit with fingers crossed. I also wanted to show you a couple of extreme journal pages that I did. These were done while waiting in an airport and I only used things found there, napkins, ticket stubs, newspaper, drawing things around me, and the background is stained with Starbucks coffee! I always carry, a gluestick, charcoal, black pigma pen, white gel pen, and water soluble crayon with a brush that holds water in the handle. All of these pass through security just fine. This is a great way to challenge yourself to be creative. So my friends, go and stretch your mind for a bit of creative exercise!

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  1. Congrats to your husband! Wow what a creative family. And good luck in getting it published. I loved your tips on the supplies you take with you while traveling. Great ideas…The journal you did while in the airport is so cool. Love it.

  2. Congratulations to your Hubby on the finished book. I really hope it gets published as Id love to have a read. What great inspiration for art work I love what you did in the airport it really looks great. Sometimes I get too serious about what goes where and it really slows the artistic flow. I shall try your idea out. Thinking of you and sending little artistic vibes your way smiles Michelle

  3. Hi, Pam~Good luck with your husband’s book. Love the art you did for it.Thanks for the “traveling artist” tip.Great work, as always.

  4. Brilliant! Your artwork is sure to capture the attention of all who see it. Best of luck to you both.Your journal pages are fantastic and inspiring! I will be spending some time in airports this week and will definitely pack a mini artist survival kit. Thanks for sharing the supplies you had on hand.

  5. book covers look great (I saw the one in the magazine…very cool) and the journal pages rock…you carry all that collage stuff with you ?? that is so cool…BTW…there is a little award on my blog for YOU !!! have a great weekend

  6. Congratulations to you both!! Fiction writing was my passion for years before this auto-immune illness kicked my shins. I studied under some of the best editors in the biz – I’d love to know more about his novel, which of course, I’ll order as soon as it’s published! Then I’ll also have a piece of your fabulous art!celebration and blessings,patti

  7. Yippee!! Bet you are doing a big Happy Dance! Along with your husband’s novel, you can have your companion journal for sale along side it!Teresa

  8. i wish your husband luck with his novel. i’m sure it is a great read. thanks for the info about traveling with art supplies – i’m going to florida next month and was wondering what i’d be able to bring with me. ps – your journal is fabulous! and yes, i do journal – its a great help in getting the creative juices flowing. -roberta

  9. Hurray!!! Congrats to Nate! And that piece you did for the cover is gorgeous!There’s a guy on Creative Souls (Kevin?)who is a published author – a couple guys,actually. Maybe they have some inside info or pull as far as agents? Just a thought.xoxoLAB

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