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I wanted to share a few pages from my latest journal. The first two are off at Somerset. It was hard to let them go. I started my third journal this summer. I splurged for this one, buying a lovely book with hand torn watercolor paper. I love the feel of the pages, sturdy without being stiff. The paper holds up to all I can dish out. I will share my first pages. It was intimidating to start in this lovely book. What is it about a blank page that is so scary? And this blank page was more expensive and therefore more scary! I figured I’d just plunge right in and I was happy with how it turned out. I wanted to depict a world as Pam would like it to be. Full of possibilities and discovery. As I move along in my journal I am reading a book called ‘Journal Revolution’ by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino I am working on some exercises to help free up my creativity. I will share more on that later. If you don’t keep a journal , I would like to encourage you to start. So many good ideas come from it’s pages. It is a piece of me and a way to create even when I am away from my studio.

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  1. How lovely your journal is. What succulent paper too! I’ve recently started not one but two journals. Well one is smaller that I will use for my travels in the next week. I have been preparing the pages with some gesso. I’m finding that the cheap paper in the journal tears easily. I can see the benefits of paying more for better quality paper.

  2. Pam~These pages are simply stunning. I am constantly amazed by your talent. The pieces seem so soft…but make a very strong impression. WOW!

  3. Pam, these pages are beautiful…they have such a wonderful “feel” to them, I love that they are angels ~ I should keep a journal, especially to record ideas for new artwork. I hope you’re doing wonderful and congratulations to your son and soon-to-be wife!!! How exciting ~ life just keeps us on our toes!! xxoo, Dawn

  4. I have enjoyed browsing your blog, how lovely. Congrats on all of your published work. That is a dream of mine…..I am a huge fan & collector of Somerset Studio. I can't wait to dig out the issues with your work in it.

  5. your “angels” are lovely!!! i was nodding my head about a dozen times reading what you wrote about lovely and expensive journals. I have bought several through the years and most of them are untouched! The really beautiful and expensive ones! 🙂 Indeed, it can be daunting to start scribbling or painting on such lovely pages. But lately, i took out one from my old treasure box and i have braved through two pages so far with delight.i discovered your blog and art only just now. I surely will be visiting daily if possible…

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