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Well, I am back from my family reunion in Washington State. It was a non-rev nightmare getting there (two days plus one night in the airport traveling standby) but we had a great time once we got there! My sister won a HUGE jackpot at the casino and treated the both of us to pedicures and a little trip to Michael’s where she told everyone in line that I was in The Stampers’ Sampler-LOL! Then we took our pretty little toes to my parents at Hoods Canal. I don’t think I got more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Due to my son’s hip injury (he has a stress fracture from Basic Training and got to come home for a couple of weeks) we nixed the sleeping bag races down the stairs and had a ping pong tournament. I did NOT do well at all, but thankfully redeemed myself by winning the pot in Texas Hold’em!
My BIG news from the weekend is that my soldier son asked his lovely girlfriend of 1 year and 3 years of friendship before that, to marry him! They are so in love it is hard not to be happy for them, though they are young. Their hurry is the fact that my son will probably be based in Germany. So after telling them no grandkids for a few years, we gave our blessing. She really is a lovely girl, very sweet, not spoiled and I think they compliment each other quite well. I finally will have a daughter! Life sure has a way of speeding up on you at times!
I should be doing laundry today, but my studio was calling to me when I got home. I finished off four of my Art Block Girls, and they are listed in my etsy shop. The Mind Wide Open Contest is still going until Friday, so be sure to stop by and vote, you won’t believe the eye candy! Hope you all had a great weekend, summer is nearing it’s end. I just got the latest Somerset Studio and it is full of lovely Halloween Treats. Be on the lookout for Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, I have an altered Halloween Cookbook in that one:-)

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