Post #3 on My Latest WIP

Here is a picture of my WIP. I have added some flowers to soften the edges on the bottom, and I have them flowing out of her hand to represent the abundance of natures gifts. Her hat is now adorned with a colorful band and another little flower, while faint images of butterflies flit around in the background. Now I get to start on the little finishing touches. This is probably my favorite part in the process. I like the piece now, and it always amazes me how the finishing touches, while seemingly small, will make such a huge difference in the final work. It’s all in the details. I love to try and draw the viewer in for a closer look, letting them find little unexpected touches on closer examination. I hope to get some studio time today, but if life gets in the way today, the anticipation of nearing the finish line will keep me happy.

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  1. There is something so soft and warm about flowers…and there is something wonderful about seeing a work in progress and how it develops. This piece of art is beautiful and I am especially taken with how you added the flowers both to the corner and to be coming through the woman’s hand.

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