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This is a piece I finished right before going to visit my soldier boy at Ft. Benning, GA this past weekend. The original face was very sad. After receiving some comments from some friends about how sad she looked, I took another look when I got home, and reworked it to be more wistful than sad. I didn’t want to only convey sadness. This piece is about hope also. When God closes a door, He opens a window. I am sad about some of the doors that are closing in my life right now. My oldest is on his own now, making his way in the world, and while I still see the child in him peeking out at times, more and more, it’s a young man that stands before me. One that is excited about starting his life. For this I wanted my art to also be about hope. I am at a time in my life that I need to focus on the open window and not the closing door.

When we drove into the parking lot there were two soldiers pulling guard duty. I thought oh, that young man looks a bit like Christopher. Then I realized it was Christopher! While he couldn’t hug me, he was grinning from

ear to ear! What a nice surprise! We had a great visit, all too short, and though I noticed a lot of changes in my boy, he was still the boy I know and love so much. He is closing the door on childhood, but he’s been in the process for years:-) We always said he was 3 going on 30. Christopher couldn’t wait to grow up! With size 14 shoes and standing 6’3″, I’d say he’s there! This last photo is of him walking back up the hill at the end of our visit.

Get out a tissue, there wasn’t a dry eye among us, I still get teary looking at this one, but I am going to look and to remember that he is flying out the window under his own steam. I will look forward to this stage of my life and all that it holds. May God keep my son and the son’s and daughters of all those serving our country safe.

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  1. Well, I did have to get out a tissue. What a bittersweet experience, eh? He looks so proud of himself in those pictures. And really content, too. It’s a strong and generous heart that lets her children take their own paths – wherever those paths take them.Thinking of you a lot these days,xoxoLaurie

  2. I am the wife of a now retired military man. It is never an easy road, but so worthwhile. May the Lord bless and keep your son safe.

  3. Pam,I definetely need a tissue! So handsome your young man. The years do go by so quickly don’t they?My youngest is giving me a second grandbaby in Sept.!Yes, so many tears, but so many of them are tears of joy!!!blessings, starrydeborah

  4. You must be very proud of your son and I’m sure you’ve given him all the love, support, and guidance to be able to walk through his own doors now as he embarks on his journey as an adult with strength, courage, and wisdom.I was teary eyed reading your post!

  5. Oh Pam. I’m so very glad that you were able to see your son!! He does look so very manly and grown up to me…and I know he’ll always be your baby. The last photo is so beautiful ~ it truly says it all…I’m so very proud for you and thankful to all service men and women for keeping our country free ~ (((hugs))) sweet friend, Dawn

  6. What a lovely post Pam! You son looks like he has grown up to be a wonderful man. My son is almost 3 and I hope I will be as proud of him when he becomes a man as you are of your son. I’m sure you had a lot to do with him being the person he is today. Being a mom is the most important of jobs.

  7. Pam, what a poignant post. Christopher is a proud young man embarking on his life — proud to serve his country. I hear the pride in your voice as well. My oldest is 20 and yesterday we went to look at the house he and his buddies are renting for the next 3 years of University life (they were in residence together last year). Seeing him eye where he’s going to place furniture, where he’s going to be living increasingly more (and probably coming home less often) made me a little wistful.I so understand and appreciate about doors opening and closing. Life is filled with these moments. And I’ve learned to look forward to what is on the other side of the one about to open. Less fear, more eagerness, more openness to the possibility.As with your painting, there is sadness and we must never cover that or not admit it…we must always embrace every emotion and give it the space it needs and deserves. But yes, anxiety and hope and wistfulness. What a lovely word – wistful.Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your family and your art. What a blessed way to begin my day ♥

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