A Mother’s Hope

I just finished the third in a series of five mixed media portraits. This one is titled, ‘A Mother’s Hope’. I have a lot of ‘mother moments’ going on right now, and it is very soothing for me to try and capture some of those feelings on canvas. While my oldest is in Basic Training, my middle is going to be a senior next year, and my youngest is still a sweet almost 7 years old, I have so many emotions right now connected to my children. I remember like it was yesterday, the hope of becoming a mother, and that oh so exciting day when I knew I would be! I love the soft look in this moms eyes, it reminds me of that time. I added a clock to represent the countless hours we spend in watch care over our children. ‘A Mother’s Hope’ is available in my etsy shop, www.thebagladysart.etsy.com

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